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04-22-2011, 01:01 AM
I just noticed something, I think. There were never any instances of Mat hearing dice in his head until around the time Pedron Niall was killed. It was in book 5 or 6 durring a Niall PoV where the dice started rolling in his head. Then later on he is killed, and then Mat start hearing the dice.

Now I am thinking that when the Finns gave him memories of those who are dead(And will die seeing as how time in their world is different), they also passed some of his memories or maybe even that...power, I guess you could call it, to Mat. Can anyone confirm the timing? I'm gonna read back through a bit and compare later, but I'm pretty sure I'm right that when Niall died, the dice passed to Mat.

04-22-2011, 01:38 AM
The dice don't seem to be as frequent until after his trips to the finn, but the first instance seems to have been in TDR, right when he decides to make his assault on the Stone to save the girls.

TDR Ch 52 (right at the end of the chapter)

Ahead of him, the Stone of Tear loomed over the city, impregnable, a fortress besieged a hundred times, a stone on which a hundred armies had broken their teeth. And he had to get inside, somehow. And bring out three women. Somehow.

With a laugh that made even the sullen folk in the street look at him, he headed back to the White Crescent, uncaring of mud or the damp heat. He could feel the dice tumbling inside his head.

It's possible that the dice here are just metaphorical, and that the mention here is really just foreshadowing, but this does seem to be the first mention of them, predating both of his trips to the finn.

04-22-2011, 10:19 PM
Hmmm. I forgot about that. I just don't remember them being a common occurrance until after Niall died, a few books later after the Finns. But I maybe wrong. Any idea where the dice came from? Is it a Ta'veren thing or an old or new thing, like Perrin being a Woldbrother is an old thing and Min's readings are a new thing?

If it's a Ta'veren thing, which I doubt since Rand or Perring don't have it, would it be possible that maybe Niall was a minor Ta'veren? I mean, I do find it kinda odd that Morgase would seek his protection given the reputation of the Children. Though more than likely she was just desperate and didn't trust Aes Sedai any longer.