View Full Version : Who Killed Asmodean, the Documentary

04-26-2011, 12:58 PM
Hey all - just posted a link to a documentary I'm trying to put together on the craze that was the ridiculous amount of time we spent loving/hating Who Killed Asmodean?


I'd love for you guys to participate by filming yourself answering some questions about Asmodean (see the website for details) and then posting it to a free video hosting site out there and sending me the link. Of course, if you have ideas about the documentary, it's at its conception at the moment, so feel free to reply too. In essence, I want to capture what it was all about, why it was popular, why it had "legs" and why we still talk about it, for future generations of readers that will not experience it the same way. I've filmed Team Jordan discussing the books and I plan to make an outline for what remains now that I have that footage.

Anyway, hope to see your videos. Be a good sport and take a moment to discuss Asmodean, love it or hate it.