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06-29-2011, 08:50 AM
Another few months have gone by and the Last Battle is looming. Much has happened since we last churned out an issue of the Gazette. We could discuss the socioeconomic consequences of the Seanchan occupation of large parts of the Land, the long-term implication of the reunification of the White Tower, what the fiendish horse Bela has been up to lately, or Demandred’s hygiene habits, but what the people really, really want to know is what’s going on at the Rumor Wheel.

Caemlyn’s Rumor Wheel, as the aficionado will know, has long been where it’s at. That their windows are smoky from eagerly puffed tabac pipes and that the beer flows freely is scarcely a secret. That most of the conversation you hear revolves complete and utter fabrications—and often enough unadulterated drivel from the loony-bin—is common knowledge. Nonetheless, the Rumor Wheel (as some call it—the insiders will know it by another name) is the true hang-out for the enlightened soul. Similar establishments await our question; the Rumor Wheel stands alone.

It’s all about the heated discussions, of course. Where else to do you get the frankly mental waging a battle of words with the positively brilliant on a daily basis? Are there other places out there, the populace demands, where people construct such marvelous theories about topic for which scarcely any evidence exists? Is there another establishment where the patrons will foam at the mouth and pick deadly serious battles of wits over details that are frankly ridiculously unimportant—and (for the most part) do so in good fun? The answer to these questions is, of course, a resounding NO! Stop by the Rumor Wheel one day, and you’ll see what we mean.

Uno - Editor in Chief

The Shayol Ghul Gazette

06-29-2011, 08:55 AM
Dear Uno,

It is Great to hear from you at last, I was beginning to believe that the Gazette was finished.

I was wondering if the SheepSwallop Dragon Theif was going to make a return to the Boards or has he been missing because you have banished him to the Waste for a canyon-cooling time-in-motion study?

Your faithfully,

Brinny el'Brinivich
The Two Rivers (We know sheep!)