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The Unreasoner
08-06-2011, 11:34 PM
Something I enjoy is modelling systems. I've put together a Maple worksheet that takes inputs of rumors and characters to develop a sort of directional tree-like graph. It should be possible to reverse engineer intelligence networks, and possibly identify double agents.

My main issues are:
1. establishing a firm timeline
2. finding enough rumors with "small" numbers of potential spreaders
3. This is big: accounting for natural information corruption

Now, before I get too committed, is this a waste of time? Is there a large number of merchants with pigeon networks and no real loyalties? I had hoped to be able to use this to simplify the Mat rumors, but if it is a function of the Pattern it may be a waste of time. I include things like "Caemlyn underworld" as a character, and treat assassination attempts as "rumors", but with people capable of Traveling, there will be fewer legs to many rumors.

Anyone with Maple experience and/or some mappable theories on information communication in Randland?

The Unreasoner
08-07-2011, 05:17 AM
okay sheet is ready to export...
I'll send it to anyone who wants to help.
Four basic commands, for now.
They are:

EventTarget(event name, [characters involved],date)
EventOrigin([character(s) who gave order/'started' rumor],event name,date)

If we had a few people with a copy, and they worked on it during the reread, we could get a lot of usable data very quickly. I have it set up to export the compressed graph at a command, and another sheet for consolidation that I'm working on now.