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What is Gitara Sedai name, if one mixes up the letters?

Gara It.

In other words, Gitara's own name is a clue who the Dragon's soul once was re-born as. A Gara, a Reptile, a Lizard Snake. A Snake King, a Dragon King, Lizard King.

In terms of character name parallels, Singer Jim Morrison's nickname was "The Lizard King (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Morrison)". Yeap, the Dragon's Soul can belt out Jim Morrison ballets for a silver penny. Even those old Rich & the Ravens tunes. ;)

Hello, I Love You (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzM71scYw0M)
People are Strange (http://youtu.be/GJY8jJkDoMY)
Break on Through (to the other side) (http://youtu.be/3dLAv0NklTg)
Waiting for the Sun (http://youtu.be/A0kypyGSKsE)
Touch Me (http://youtu.be/PECk9A-07Pw)
Light My Fire (http://youtu.be/M_yWyBjDEaU)
Riders on the storm (http://youtu.be/DKbPUzhWeeI)
"Celebration of the Lizard" (http://youtu.be/9D4QXHQsRHo)

What is a Lizard King in real world animal terms?
A spiny-tailed black iguanas (http://www.hemispheresmagazine.com/2011/06/01/the-lizard-king/) on Gasparilla Island. Yes, that Speedy Lizard. :D

Here’s why: Ctenosaurs are the jocks of the iguana world. Not only do they hold the Guinness World Record for being the planet’s fastest lizard—having been clocked at 21.7 mph—they’re also more physically robust, omnivorous, cold resistant and aggressive than your green pet store iguana.

The people of Central and South America have used the iguana as a food source for centuries, referring to it as gallina de palo or “tree chicken.” (Beyond the supposedly similar flavor, the ctenosaur’s mannerisms— head bobbing and cocking—are uncannily henlike.) The lizard was so important to the diet of Central and South Americans that the Catholic Church long ago reclassified the iguana as a fish, permitting its consumption on Fridays and religious holidays

An animal who tastes like a chicken! An animal Robert Jordan seems to have taken the description and features of, to create his Gara. That's the real life species version of the spiny-tailed black iguanas.

In WoT terms, it's the same animal who's bones are found in the Tanchico Museum, and who's species is found in the Aiel Waste.

Whatever the reason, it did not help her search. What she was after had to be somewhere in this huge hall among all these displays. Pulling her eyes away from what looked like the bones of a toothy lizard ten paces long, she closed them. Need. Danger to the Dragon Reborn, to Rand. Need.

The Shadow Rising, Chapter 52 "Need" -- Nynaeve al'Meara point of view, in the Tanchico Museum after talking with Birgitte

Gara—the poisonous lizard—was the worst in his estimation; not for the taste, which was rather like chicken, but because it was lizard. It sometimes seemed that there must be more poisonous things—snakes, lizards, spiders, plants—in the Waste than in the rest of the world combined.

The Fires of Heaven, The Gift of a Blade" -- Rand al'Thor point of view; his thoughts with Aviendha

In WoT terms, the speed of Valan Luca movements across the series are a parallel to the the Spiny-tailed Black Iguanas. A Gara can be Speedy when pressed by the Pattern, as is shown by Valan Luca's journey out of Illian to the Shienar, and from Shienar to Almoth Plain area near Falme. Or corresponding a Gara can move at a Slow and Lazy Speed, as is shown by Valan Luca's journey's with Elayne, Nynaeve, Thom, Juilin and Matrim, Tuon.

“Yesterday. . . .” The strongman shook his head and patted the nearest animal, patiently waiting for the last straps to be buckled, as if the horse had showed signs of nerves. Maybe he felt edgy himself. The night was only cool, not really cold, yet he was bundled up in a dark coat and had on a knitted cap. His wife worried about him falling sick from drafts or the cold, and took care that he would not. “Well, we're strangers everywhere, you see, and a lot of people think they can take advantage of strangers. But if we let one man get away with it, ten more will try, if not a hundred. Sometimes the local magistrate, or what passes for one, will uphold the law for us, too, but only sometimes. Because we're strangers, and tomorrow or the next day. we'll be gone, and anyway, everybody knows strangers are usually up to no good. So we have to stand up for ourselves, fight for what's ours if need be. Once you do that, though, it's time to move along. Same now as when there were only a few dozen of us with Luca, counting the horse handlers, though in those days, we'd have been gone as soon as those soldiers left. In those days, there weren't so many coins to be lost by leaving in a hurry,” he said dryly, and shook his head, perhaps for Luca's greed or perhaps for how large the show had grown, before going on.

Knife of Dreams, Chapter 8 "Dragon's Eggs" -- Matrim Cauthon point of view; with Petra, an early companion with Valan Luca in the Borderlands

It should be no surprise to WoT's Heroes and Villains, that a Hero of the story is a Lizard King... after all, a large majority of the Heroes have Reptile characteristics.

Who doesn't like receive a good hiss, before a kiss? If not, beware of these sexy reptile souls at heart! They can all hiss to the heavens delight or for destruction to come. Or draw Blood! :eek:

Snake Soul's of the Wheel: Hisser's

1. Ewin
2. Elayne
3. Min
4. Faile – a heir to Saldaean throne
5. Valan Luca
6. Nynaeve al'Meara
7. Mat Cauthon
8. Lews Therin
9. Rand al’Thor

Aes Sedai

10. Moiraine
11. Siuan – ”like another skin”
12. Myrelle – Green Ajah Head rebels
13. Erian
14. Toveine – Red Ajah, Aes Sedai
15. Verin – Brown Ajah, Black Ajah, Independent actor
16. Liandrin – ex-Tuatha’an, Domani & Taraboner, Red

Ajah, Black Ajah, Suroth’s prisoner

17. Galina – Red Ajah Head; Black Ajah 2nd in command
18. Cariandre – Red Ajah loyalist
19. Cadsuane – Green Ajah, independent

Aiel Clans

20. Amys
21. Sulin
22. Liah – Aiel Maiden of the Spear
23. Sevanna – Wise One, Roofmistress

Seanchan individuals

24. Suroth
25. Selucia – Maid, Bodyguard, Truthspeaker


26. Loial – Ogier
33. Vultures


27. Colavaere
28. Alaine – Cairhien Noble
29. Ethenielle – Queen of Kandor
30. Dyelin – High Noble in Andor
31. Catalyn Haevin – High Noble in Andor – “Odious child!”; “…but she has a double dose of the viperous Haevin tongue”


32. Graendal – Chosen

Evil Throwbacks

34. Myrddraal

Chuckles, that ain't even the whole list of Snakes just the one's identified as Hisser's. Many other's have Snake imagery associated instead, not only sounds. Some have both sound & imagery associated with Snakes & Reptiles.

Typically groups, clusters are identified with imagery of Snakes, besides individual persons.

Anagram's of Foretelling, a case of Gitara Moroso's full name

Gitara Moroso's whole name has a series of amusing anagrams to boot too:

Or Isam to Gara;
Gara Star I Moo;
I Motor as Gara;
I Am Gara Roots;
A Gara Rooms It;
A Gara Moors It;
Moist Gara Oar;
Too Gara Amirs;
I Root Mas Gara;
I Gara Soot Arm;
I Mars Gara Too;
I Moo Tsar Gara;
I Moo Gara Arts;
I Moo Gara Rat[/B]

Isam, as in Isam Mandragoran. The name Mandragoran possesses the sound unit of GARA within it, according to Robert Jordan's Dragonmount Blog.
Gara Star, as in The Dragon Star, Matrim Cauthon refers to in his thoughts.
Roots, as in the Tree of Life
Rooms, as in where the Dragon save the People.
Moors, as the Arab and Berber conquerors of Spain. A Conqueror.
Too Gara Amirs, as in Two Rulers.
Mas, as in More.
Gara Soot, as in the Dragon's soul blowing Dragonmount's top.
Mars, as in the synonyms of "impair, spoil, deflower, vitiate, mar, damage" or "mutilate, mar, maim".
Tsar, as in a royal title.
Gara Arts, as in "Valan Luca's Grand Traveling Show and Magnificent Display of Marvels and Wonders"
Gara Rat, as in "the vehicle of Lord Ganesha", the Rat or Mouse.

Who's soul is Gara?

None other than Valan Luca.
Your precious Lord Dragon is a bloody Gara, a Snake.

A 'lizard missing a leg', since Towers of Midnight book perhaps? Yes, Brandon Sanderson used that phrase IRC in Towers of Midnight book. A hint of things to come, yes. Valan Luca has been harmed, and the World aches for it.

The Land is one with the Dragon.
And the Dragon has been harmed graved.

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Further Question: The Aelfinn

Question is, are Gara's lizards relatives of the Aelfinn or not? Can a Soul be transformed into something other, by living in a foreign world?

If the Dark One can rearrange souls with body, why cannot the Pattern do some else similar using a different mechanism, "Changing Worlds--Changing Dreams"?

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AMoL Question: Will Nesune's specimen boxes return the story line?

There was little talk as Arilyn’s best coach lurched away from the Sun Palace followed by the wagon that had borne the chests, burdened now only with the serving women and driver. Steepling her fingers in the coach, Nesune tapped them thoughtfully against her lips. A fascinating young man. A fascinating subject for study. Her foot touched one of the specimen boxes under the seat; she never went anywhere without proper specimen boxes. One would think that the world must have been catalogued long since, yet since leaving Tar Valon she had tucked away fifty plants, twice as many insects, and the skins and bones of a fox, three sorts of lark, and no fewer than five species of ground squirrel that she was sure were nowhere in the records.

Lord of Chaos, Chapter 27 "Gifts" -- Nesune point of view

In the hunt for a Gara?