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09-30-2011, 09:40 AM
To recap the concept:

First, pop over here (http://www.theoryland.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=5669)for the main thread, to see our list of upcoming characters.

Id like discussions to link back to any existing theories, threads and ideas, but lets try and integrate them into new theories, thoughts and ideas okay? This is less to do with whether we like characters we are Theorylanders, and we are not vapid. If you want to be a Theorylander, practice thinking critically and objectively. Dont worry, well help!

This week, we're discussing Aviendha.

Perhaps due to her late first appearance in the series, Aviendha's progress as a character has dallied well behind our other "coming of age" heroes, having only cast off her apprenticeship in Towers of Midnight. Hopefully, this means that she will have a major role to play in A Memory of Light, as she is (notwithstanding Rand) the major Aiel character in the books, and will probably be important in the Aiel being a factor in the Last Battle. But what kind of role will she play? She is both warrior and Wise One, two things that will be in great demand in the coming days.

Will she be able to help avert the doom that the Aiel apparently face, both from the prophecies and the visions she experienced in Rhuidean? Will she end up bringing the Aiel back to their days of honor and duty, or lead them in a different direction to help avoid their fall at the hands of the Seanchan? Will she, with her ties to Elayne, tie the Aiel to the Wetlands and help unite all their forces going forward? Will she, with her ties to Egwene, create ties between the White Tower and the Wise Ones? How will the visions of her and her babies, and her on the boat come to pass?

Rand al'Fain
09-30-2011, 10:54 AM
Crap, had a nice post going which answered each question, but then somehow, the back button was pressed and everything was erased. :(

So I'll summarize!

1. I believe that the vision was only a possibility, a grim one, but not set in stone. And that Aviendha will be a representative at the least, for the Aiel at the Peace Talks, but will need someone like Mat who respected by some of the higher ups on each side to truly be unified.

2. Depending on the Aiel, some will become tall, tanned, and hard-faced Tinkers that dance with a stern look on their faces, and the rest will have some sort of role to play in the coming future, but I have no idea what. But they do surivive.

3. Well, the Aiel would not mind being connected to Elayne, due to Elayne's great respect for them and their Independent lifestyle. But outside of that and Cairhein, who now have a sense of awe for the Aiel, no many particulalry care for the Aiel.

4.What Avi considers ties, and Eggy considers ties, are 2 COMPLETELY different things. Avi considers some sort of alliance between equals, where both would learn from each other and help each other. Eggy sees it as reeling in the Wise Ones that can channel and make them follow her. Of which, I sincerely hope Avi's definition comes true, Eggy's head is big enough as it is, and the Wise One's and Windfinders (and to a lesser extent, the Knitting Cirlce group) prove that female channelers can do just fine without being associated with the White Tower, not to mention actually being respected by their people.

5. Her babies and the boat? Hell if I know. Could be metaphorical for the boat for all I know. As for the babies, maybe they'll influenced by God-Rand? IDK, haven't thought too much about those so far.

Zombie Sammael
09-30-2011, 01:42 PM
Many people think that Aviendha's vision in TOM may be useful for determining what might happen in the next book, or even afterwards. I disagree with this for a simple reason: it's the Chekov's Gun (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChekhovsGun?from=Main.ptitlexn9xzsjd5fif) of prophecies. In other words, you don't put a prophecy of doom in the penultimate act unless someone acts to change the future in the finale. For this reason, I argue not that none of the circumstances seen in that vision will come to pass - I expect some of them will - but that any theories based on that vision should tread very carefully around it; for example, the assertion that "we know the Aiel are wiped out by the Seanchan because of Avi's vision" is an assertion which is wide open for questioning on that basis. Any arguments which use Aviendha's vision in the animus should be well supported with other evidence.

I post this now, pre-emptively, because this is a thread about Aviendha and inevitably the vision is going to come up.