View Full Version : Twice dawns the day

10-22-2011, 08:16 AM
I was going to reply this in Terez post but it was closed and i don't know how to re-open it.

I was reading the post about Moiranie dying and someone put in a list of Talents and one of these was called Earth singing which enables you to effect the movements of the earth. Could this talent be found and used to make the Day Dawn twice. Not sure why it would be helpful but seems to be a very helpful talent when you have a prophesy that requres a day to dawn twice. Also the fact that it is singing could be the song the tinkers are looking for. And i'm pretty sure Perrin has been foreshadowed to sing and he is supposed to save Rand twice (I don't count the dragonmount thing as him saving Rand it's a bit weak if it is.). Not sure how moving the Earth would help Rand at this point.