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10-26-2011, 11:47 PM
The 147th Shayol Ghul Gazette Annual General Meeting was held today in Thakandar today with the unanimous re-election of the Chairman and Founder of the Gazette, Uno.

Reporting from the floor of the meeting, Junior Gazette Reporter, Dragon Theif (on probation) said that there was a feisty discussion on whether Uno should continue in the post and whether his best was past him. Uno, saying nothing except lighting his pipe and raising his beer to the masses was spiritedly defended by Spidy, Senior Chief Executive Reporter and Professor Snow, newly appointed Executive Director of Gazette Research Inc.

The main substance of Spidy's and Snow's defence appeared to be lighting a pipe and raising a beer as well. After that rousing defence, the Gazette faithful roared their support for Uno to continue his outstanding leadership of the Gazette and the motioned was carried.

Needless to say, all is good in the Gazette world today.

As they say in the classics, "Onwards and Upwards" or as Narg would say "Aarg, Aarg!"

10-27-2011, 09:56 PM
By order of the Chairman, the myriad of titles that has been used for the Gazette staff will be rationalised to a much more appropriate to the fact that the Last Battle is due and that the Gazette is, and will always be, the best place to get the news for the Thakandar faithful.

From now on staff will be as follows:

Founder/Chairman/Editor-in-Chief - UNO

Chief Investigative Reporter - SPIDY

Executive Director - MOONSHADOW

Chief Fashion Editor - FRENZY

Senior Investigative Reporter - FERID HEL

Investigative Reporter - DRAGON THEIF

Director-Gazette Pontificition Laboratory - PROFESSOR SNOW

Wine Editor - WATCHER

Beer Editor - SVEN

Junior Office Assistant - NARG

Office Flunky - ELSE GRINWELL

Please join us in acknowledging everyone's true calling.

All hail - The Great Lord of the Dark.

10-27-2011, 10:50 PM
Thiefy-boy, as you know, is Investigative Reporter on probation. Otherwise it's correct.

yks 6nnetu hing
10-28-2011, 06:58 AM
who instigated the feisty discussion?

11-04-2011, 05:11 PM
I don't know anything about feisty discussions, but I do know that local biologists were intrigued to observe the rare Spidy (Aranea Australis) in an unusual migratory pattern. Generally a territorial creature that rarely ventures outside of its arid Australian environment, the Spidy can, when need pushes it, travel vast distances in quest of new resources. Typically, aranea australis will settle down temporarily and deplete local alcohol sources before it moves on. This arachnid is generally a docile creature and requires little attention beyond a comfortable living room couch.