View Full Version : WoT 60 man Mafia

12-16-2011, 12:39 PM
I am attempting to run a 60 player mafia at Dragonmount with an extensive wheel of time theme. DM says they are short of having enough players, so I am wondering if anyone here is interested. The game contains 6 factions and 2 independent roles all with special win conditions. Multiple factions can win the game because some win conditions are compatible.
For instance either Salidar or the Tower can win the game alongside the Dragon's Friends. The Shadow or The Seanchan however can only win alone. The Children of the Light, Padan Fain, and Maizram Taim can win along side any of the other factions, or alone.
Every player will receive passive or active abilities to go along with their role.
There will be flavor stories for each day and night, although I can't promise professional level writing of course. If you are interested you will have to sign up at Dragonmount and post in my thread in the Mafia section. This is unavoidable since there are players from multiple WoT fansites and DM has the already set up and active mafia community. This is a one time even I expect since running such a large mafia more than once is unlikely to be doable.