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01-16-2012, 05:14 AM
I had a thought and wondered what other people thought. I have alwasy assumed that this meant 3 people merging and the obvious plot was the ring with callandor. But what if it means that they started out as three i.e. Rand, Mat and Perrin but by the end there would only be one. There is quite a bit of foreshadowing that Rand and Perrin will die and it would make sense with the eelfinns and he becomes the centre of it all. Also Mins viewing of one man standing and two men dead beside him or something like that. Just thought i would throw that out there for any thoughts. It could also tie in the importance of the horn so matt can blow the horn to call them back and it seems as heroes they have all their memories so Rand may remember how to seal the prison. just had another thought this could also be how the second dawn happens as from memory didn't the heroes al appear in blaze of light

01-18-2012, 07:42 PM
I'd think that 3 = Rand, Lews Therin, Moridin must become ONE (hopefully Rand).

eht slat meit
01-18-2012, 08:52 PM
Personally, I'm partial to the idea of the three being Rand, LTT, and the Dragon Soul, with the Dragon Soul representing Rand's final step in coming to terms with himself. We've seen hints of it, though the identity of the third is obviously a matter of debate.

"How many will we three kill before the end, I wonder."

We already saw a (and I'd say -the-) blade of light way back at the end of TEoTW, not long after that disembodied voice spoke to him. However, that was only in TAR, and I would expect that the real thing is a manifestation of everything that makes him the champion of the Light. I'd also go even further in speculating that it's not Callandor, and that Callandor will be taken instead by Moridin, in order to magnify his ability to channel the power of the DO, the true manifestation of the taint.

Moridin will act as the vessel for the DO, to have the Shadow dance in his skin as foretold in dark prophecies. Callandor will magnify his power, but the -other- flaw the blade possesses will allow Rand to

he shall stretch forth his hand to catch the Shadow, and the world shall scream in pain of salvation.

Shadows are fleeting things. How can one capture a shadow?

"Light is held before the maw of the infinite void, and all that he is can be seized."

The "he" in question here is the infinite void, the shadow, the Dark One itself. Not two separate ideas, but a single one.

The blade of light, the full manifestation of Rand's power against the maw of darkness, the full manifestation of the DO's power. The DO's power was never meant to be contained by any vessel, and he makes himself vulnerable doing so.