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01-27-2012, 08:50 PM
ive been following great lords re read blog off and on and im in a re read myself as im sure a lot of folks are and he mentions his thoughts but i was always kind of unsure as to what is the eye of the world exactly i understand a well i understand untainted was it placed to increase his strength for a specific reason ie they forsaw his fight with aginor at the eye or just because he would need the upgrade period. and did it give him the knowledge of the aes sedia who made it. on a side note i keep asking myself what is rand specifically going to do at TG that noone else is able to do. oh fight the DO yada yada but again it has to be something that only he is able to do. we shall see. sorry for rambling i tend to type as i think and with adhd it can change fast

01-27-2012, 09:58 PM
Proper grammar is a good thing, perhaps the best of things.

Great Lord of the Dark
01-27-2012, 10:04 PM
I think he's talking about this post, the relevant segments of which are below, and in which I propose some ideas about the function of the Eye of the World:

So what is the Eye of the World? One hundred Aes Sedai used their lives to filter the taint away from Saidin, and place it in a well which came to be known as the Eye of the World. Beyond the Power itself, the Eye of the World has protections built in that allow one to channel more than they could unaided, like an angreal. Rand can’t already be at Aginor’s strength, or Ba’alzamon’s, so it must be that. The Eye of the World also is preferentially attuned to the Dragon, otherwise Rand would never have been able to wrest control from Aginor and incinerate him. The Eye also places knowledge in the mind of the one who uses it. Up until now Rand has instinctively used the Power for simple applications, but is now able to Travel, make a sword of Power, and destroy opponents in various ways. Rand does a lot of spontaneous learning later, usually attributed to Lews Therin’s knowledge. I think the Eye of the World is an equally plausible means of explaining his ability to learn whatever he needs on the spot.

Perhaps most importantly, the Eye of the World overrides Rand’s actions and destroys every creature of Shadow in the vicinity. After broiling Aginor, Rand Travels to Tarwin’s Gap, and sees the forces of Shienar on one side. That is the last time his name appears for two pages, with one exception, after that he is simply called ‘he’. Everything ‘he’ does after, from decimating the Shadowspawn army until ‘he’ arrives in the room of stone faces, is impersonal, and not under his control. The Eye of the World shows him what it can do, and then, as Ba’alzamon confronts him, ‘he’ finds the void. In the void he finds Manetheren, the truth about himself, and free of doubt, Rand is now in full control.

The exception for Rand’s name appearing in the Tarwin’s Gap sequence is when the ALL CAPS voice speaks. We are told that it’s not Rand’s thought, but it is like a thought booming in his head. Whether it’s the voice of those who programmed the Eye of the World, or the voice of the Creator itself, it seeks a condition that is not met. It is not here, at Tarwin’s Gap. The Horn? The Dragon banner? Something else? It seems fairly certain that the Eye of the World was intended to be used at the Last Battle. With the condition not met, the voice packs up and leaves, giving Rand one last bit of help by sending him to the room of stone faces.

01-27-2012, 10:09 PM
I figured as much...FWIW, I have been reading every day other than those terrible days where you dont grace us with a post.

As for The Eye, I believe a big part of the issues with that scene have to do with the likelihood that the original novel was written to be able to stand alone if necessary or if the rest of the series wasnt picked up by Tor. Thus, there is the appearance of the Voice (who I think was the Creator while others like Terez say is the Dark One), etc etc.

I agree with your theory that the Eye was likely tuned to the Dragon soul much the same way that Callandor was locked to anyone but him. How the AoL AS accomplished that feat is a mystery though.

01-27-2012, 10:16 PM
Proper grammar is a good thing, perhaps the best of things.I love how the first period is after the word 'period'. Like the word reminded him, or something. :D

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As I said, its more about just writing thoughts as they come. I was watching TV while typing it out. When I am made to use proper grammar, I will.

I love how the first period is after the word 'period'. Like the word reminded him, or something.
Thats quite possible with me.