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02-11-2012, 10:02 PM
The weirdest stuff keeps happening.

Ok. Here's the situation. My parents left town on a week's vacation...


Woke up one morning a few weeks ago after a clear and cloudless night (aka...no thunderstorms) and noticed that there was no longer picture going into my new tv. Did a fairly thorough troubleshooting check and determined that it wasn't cables and that my HD receiver seems to be ok (audio goes through just fine on the RCA inputs). Figured it was the HDMI input circuit on the TV and got warranty labor and parts to fix it.

Tested it by running HDMI from my laptop into the TV (which test I did not do earlier) and everything seemed just fine.

Spent two days wrestling the tv back onto the wall (different story) and find....that none of my other inputs go through. DirecTV, Playstation and receiver inputs don't go through. Laptop run through the receiver doesnt go through. PS3 and driecTV don't go through hooked directly into the TV or through the receiver.

Which leaves me with only two highly unlikely scenarios that I can think of.

1. My TV has learned to discriminate between signals from my laptop and any other device (confirmed with manufacturer that it is not a setting issue - TV is not supposed to discriminate).

2. Out of the blue (remember...no storms. and on a surge protector), the HDMI output circuits of three separate new devices all conked out at once while sparing all circuits that power LEDs displays etc. I can't test this since I don't have another TV with HDMI inputs and sure as HELL don't want to buy one.

Im hoping somebody out there is seeing something I missed.

Thanks in advance...

02-13-2012, 07:13 AM
So the only thing that gives you a picture through the HDMI input is your laptop hooked up directly?
Are you using the same cable for all of them?
Is it possible to "reset" your tv? I know ours can keep some settings per input, so possibly that could interfere.

Also, don't you have another lcd monitor or something with an HDMI input? Or even a DVI input - you can get cheap cables with HDMI to DVI connections. Maybe a friend has one or a local computer shop would lend you one just for testing purposes.

I hope it's the tv and they get you a new one!