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05-10-2012, 10:56 AM
It's not new to connect the dagger, Fain, Mordeth and Mat's luck. Linda did connect the two in an essay years ago, and "Mat Pawn (http://www.theoryland.com/chronicles.php?user=eclipse&page=f)" by Eclipse mentions it too, along with a theory (http://www.theoryland.com/theories.php?func=5&rec=133&theo=2394) by A Dragonburnedfool.

However most people connect Mat's luck to the Dark One, because of Jordan's comment:

INTERVIEW: Sep 3rd, 2005
DragonCon Report - Isabel (Verbatim)

In The Dragon Reborn, Lanfear visits Mat as he is recuperating from his One Power surgery over the dagger. At one point she stretches out her hand towards him and he feels a tingle going over him, somebody interrupts them, and she turns her head and sobs, at about the same time a member of Black Ajah stole angreal and ter'angreal out of the Tower cache, one of which was a ter'angreal that was known to have some effect on chance. So it was about this time that Mat's really really really weird luck and the dice rolling in his head began, is this a connection or coincidence?

That is a coincidence. When they say that Mat has the Dark One's own luck, he can get as mad as he wants to, but in a way it is true. It wasn't a gift from Lanfear, though.

[Hehe, another theory busted, and a very interesting answer. I am going for Shadar Logoth now.]

But that is where I disagree, Jordan say "in a way it is true" not that it is true. In a way, is how Eclipse and others have suggested, it is a factor of the evil of Mordeth, although each of these individuals was not armed with the latest information we have on the evil behind Mordeth.

INTERVIEW: Nov 21st, 2009
Driving Mr. Sanderson - Matt Hatch

I heard you answer a question last night, which sounded interesting. Someone asked about Padan Fain and Elaida.

A lot of people don’t remember that they met.

So, his influence, how long for example...wasn’t Egwene exposed to Padan Fain? Are there still effects that Egwene has on people because of him?

Remember the idea that people have, generally, a choice. There are ways to turn people to the Shadow against their will, but when that happens the person is no longer the person. What is happening with Padan Fain is, naturally tendencies can be exacerbated or they can be fought off...

...so Elaida’s paranoia fed that? With someone like Egwene she might have fought it off, so it’s not going to be...

...right. exactly, or someone like Rand who continues to fight it off. He has become very paranoid. And the wound in his side, certainly someone could make the connection that that might have an influence. I won’t say for certain but...

...so, the suggestion is not only does he have the taint, which is negatively influencing him, or influencing him in such ways that might bring on paranoia, there is this accentuation of it because of Fain...

...this corruption...I mean that wound and the dagger...

...that is another source...

...Mat managed to fight it off pretty much completely, well not completely, but we don’t see Mat running around paranoid anymore...Elaida gave it something to feed upon and it was very very small and subtle with Elaida but certainly that was an influence.

I believe it is this, "tendencies can be exacerbated". Mat has Luck exacerbated by his run-in with the evil/Darkness that is behind Mordeth. And it is completely unrelated to the Dark One, but as Jordan said, in a way it is related because the two are evils and are diametrically opposed to each other.

And I believe that this connection, accentuation to Mat's Ta'vereness and his natural luck as he thinks about it, that makes him a larger target to the Finns than the other Ta'veren that entered their realm.