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05-11-2012, 01:21 PM
I brought this up at JordanCon, and I'm sure it will be very clear during the re-read: Verin makes clear attempts at giving information to those she is trying to help, pushing them as she can, while still holding to her dark oaths. She does this with the girls in Tar Valon, and she is certainly doing it here with Siuan and Moiraine. And in fact, what if Verin has compelled Siuan and Moiraine before now?

TITLE: Great Hunt
CHAPTER: 7 - Blood Calls Blood
The Amyrlin slapped the tabletop like a thunderclap. "I know very well who the Great Lord is, Daughter. I think you had better go now." She took a deep breath, and took hold of herself visibly. "Go, Verin. I do not want to become angry with you. I do not want to forget who it was had the cooks leave sweetcakes out at night when I was a novice. "

I need to take a closer look at the timing of Moiraine and Siuan being in Tar Valon, and when they first step on the trail of the Black Ajah in New Spring. Time for more reading to figure out if Verin would have wanted to get her hooks into them earlier than this moment in TGH.

TITLE: Great Hunt
CHAPTER: 7 - Blood Calls Blood
Light help me, Verin, how I loved you for those sweetcakes, and for your bosom to weep on. But I will do what I must do. I will. I must.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for Verin to attempt to influence, compel Moiraine in Verin's special kind of way, but would it work from a timing perspective (still need to investigate). But what if Verin knew about Moiraine and Siuan from Corianin's Dreamer notes? What if Verin knows Moiraine is a key? What if she left something for Moiraine in this regard?

Then, we have the discussion about the Dark Prophecy as a perfect example. She shared it and her observations, making a point about focusing on Toman Head and Lanfear. It is likely she knew that Lanfear was out and that she wanted to make sure they took that into account and protected Rand.

Loial a few chapters later notes that the Amyrlin has sent someone to Toman Head, something she should have done prior to this time since they had heard rumors about Toman Head while still in Tar Valon.

TITLE: Great Hunt
CHAPTER: 9 - Leavetakings
"Where is he headed in such a hurry?" Rand wondered aloud. "I heard," Loial said, "that she was sending someone out today, all the way to Arad Doman. There is word of some sort of trouble on Almoth Plain, and the Amyrlin Seat wants to know exactly what. What I don't understand is, why now? From what I hear, the rumors of this trouble came from Tar Valon with the Aes Sedai."

This is evidence of Verin's subtle influence guiding events, and potentially a greater influence on Siuan and Moiraine than simple manipulations.

Hmm...never thought of this before, but it makes sense: Verin compelling others is her way of acting in ways she cannot because of her oaths...it was one way for her to work around her oaths to the Dark One.

In fact, just how many people has Verin used a surrogates of sorts, how many has she compelled?