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Ok - simply because when I read the Shaiel section, her mix of Wetlander/Aiel knowledge, her warrior's path, her awareness of the Car'a'can, and the break down of the Pattern, the thought that Rand's real mother making it through the ordeal in another world...and because I enjoy writing down my loony thoughts...

"Ah," Nakomi said. "You have the air of a warrior about you, child. Tell me, are you from among those who went west? The ones who joined the one named the Car'a'carn?" "He is the Car'a'carn," Aviendha said. "I did not say that he was not," Nakomi said, sounding amused.

I like the thought that she is amused, because she knows that Rand is her son. I know there are many other better reasons for her to be someone else and amused because of some other reason.

"May I ask," Nakomi said. "What do you think of the Car'a'carn?" I love him, Aviendha thought immediately. But she couldn't say that. "I think he has much honor. And though he is ignorant of the proper ways, he is learning." "You have spent time with him, then?" "Some," Aviendha said. Then, to be more honest, she added, "More than most."

Mother asking about the girl his son is dating. :)

"He is a wetlander," Nakomi said, thoughtful. "And Car'a'carn. Tell me, are the wetlands as glorious as so many say? Rivers so wide you cannot see the other side, plants so full of water they burst when squeezed?" "The wetlands are not glorious," Aviendha said. "They are dangerous. They make us weak." Nakomi frowned.

Being a wetlander and aiel and knowing of some prophecy herself, she is concerned for Aviendha's blind spot.

Who is this woman? It was not unusual to find Aiel traveling the Waste; even children learned to protect themselves. But should Nakomi not be traveling with friends, family? She did not wear the clothing of a Wise One, but there was something about her . . .

Aviendha is recognizing that she is a Maiden, but she can't imagine this woman as a Maiden.

"There is never toh for speaking wise words," Aviendha said. "Tell me, Nakomi, where is it you travel? Which sept is your own?" "I am far from my roof," the woman said, wistful, "yet not far at all. Perhaps it is far from me. I cannot answer your question, apprentice, for it is not my place to give this truth." Aviendha frowned. What kind of answer was that?

Shaiel is of two homes, and she refuses to speak of our prior home, a prohibition she still holds to.

And I threw in the Mirror World convergence to make sense of the seeming T'A'R oddities that are noted.


Okay - Loony.

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Aviendha is recognizing that she is a Maiden, but she can't imagine this woman as a Maiden.


Okay - Loony.

I like it. But that just makes it more Loony, doesn't it? :)

The other reason Nakomi looks vaguely familiar, but only in an oddly disconnected way, could be because she LOOKS LIKE RAND.

The best part of your theory is the not speaking of the prior home. Nice.

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As do I, but I have a soft spot for Shaiel/ Tigraine, so I would love the possibility of her making it somehow/ somwhere. I like it better than Verin at any rate...LOL.