View Full Version : Lan is the bomb (literary)

08-22-2012, 04:05 PM
I think BS could have used Lan in a better way as a time bomb than what he did. Lan is literatly the lit fuse of a literary time bomb.
When he reaches Tarvin's Gap things will explode in a dramatic sense. It's the start of Tarmon Gaidon.
I think there could have been more scenes with him and his group/army along the way, where you get the information either in time or distance (or both) about how long there's yet to go until TG.

These are just my thoughts but I like the idea of a lit fuse burning its way to the east along the borderlands.
When it reaches the bomb (TG) things will explode, people will die and great deeds will be done.

Great Lord of the Dark
08-22-2012, 08:43 PM
Lan is a stand-in for Rand as he marches along the Borderlands gathering followers. He's not trying to lead or command them, they simply follow out of duty or admiration or something while he fulfils his destiny. Rand has finally reached the same point where he's simply going to do what he always had to do, and if anyone else comes along, they are free to do so. I certainly can see where there could have been more emphasis on the impending battle, like a clock ticking down, but that's not how Malkier or Manetheren fell, or need to be represented here. Both nations, and their avatars Rand and Lan, were reluctantly drawn into a battle which required their destruction to save some part of what they once were. Rand's conflict will certainly be reminiscent of that, and Lan's will be used as a counterpoint. It will either show his downfall to increase tension for Rand's battle and place doubt that Rand's strategy can work. Or it will be a victory metaphorically showing what Rand must do to win. I don't see that the battle at Tarwin's Gap means anything, it's Lan's personal battle with his heritage and how he represents Malkier's generational promise to fight the Dark One that will be the main driver of his part of the Last Battle.