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08-28-2012, 09:59 AM
On the Slopes, at the Coalface.

Special Report by Ferid Hel, Senior Special Investigative Reporter.

Trolloc hordes were cascading down the hill towards Maradon. "Slunky" the Myyrddraal was barking orders at the recalcitrant Trollocs who were not moving forward, backwards or sideways. These Trollocs were part of "Blacky's Fist". The Coup de Grace if you like. (I don't think Trolloc or Myyddraal speak French? Ed) (How do you know, maybe they invented it! Back atcha, Ferid.)

Anyways, some sort of light sprung up from nowhere and lo and behold, the "Eye Bank" we had painstakenly held in abeyance until we knew how the actual "Eye" was filled (because we thought that by filling it with actual eyes then the Eye would be filled), disappeared into nothingness, not "the" Nothingnesss, just "Nothingness". (Hmmmpph, thanks for the clarification and really how would you know , Ed.) (We know "Ed", we know..)

"Our Eyes are gone," wailed a Draghkar "Eye" enthusiast, wailing (and crooning seeming very similar so from now one we can interchange wailing and crooning) since Messy and Semmy had their butts kicked. Draghkar were their pets and didn't they play on it. Oh, the mighty fall quick.

"My eyes are gone too," moaned Dr Affffarrrr, Myyrrdraal, self proclaimed "Eye Specialist to the Stars."

"Our eyes are veiled," rasped the red eyed veiled wanna be Aeil looking dude. (Couldn't quite get close enough to ask them Uno but that's what it sounded like and yes they are veiled, red eyed, sharpish teeth and down right nasty buggers and most of all "Dudes" cause they tell you so)

"SHIGJbysohjlsnfhiuGSGLLHSGSL," spoke a Worm sliding by, all of us unsure whether he was complaining about:
- having no eyes;
- he was hungry for eyes;
- just plain hungry;
- his eyes were bloodshot;
- his eye had something in it;
- someone had poked him in the the eye;
- if he was female and we had assumed he was male and was just upset that we called him male instead of calling her female;
- that in fact he was only midly upset that he was female and that we had called him male and yet the real cause was that she had been poked in the eye as opposed to the he/she fiasco.

(Umm, I think we have the gist here, Ed.)

Regardless, the SG Gazette

Is in the Blight.

We are in the White Tower.

We upset the Guardians.

We are where we need to be.

We are ready to report the victory of the Great Lord of the Dark.

Take that one in the Eye