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09-20-2012, 12:36 PM
So I decided to come up with a scale to grade all of the main characters. Would be interesting to see anyone else's grades. The scale is from 1-10 with the following criteria.

Selfish-Selfless: Does this character put other people above himself?
Self interests-Last Battle: Does this character make choices to help their faction/friends/love ones, or are they trying to fight against the Dark One? Would they make choices that would kill their friends to save the world?
Whining-accepting of problems: How much does this person B*tch and moan during the books
Arrogant-Humble: Is this person arrogant or humble?
Boring POV-Awesome POV: How interesting was it when we saw from the characters POV
Boring Plots - Interesting plots: Was the character involved in interesting or boring plotlines
Badly written-Well Written: Does the character serve its purpose and are they a believable character. Elaida was annoying, but she was supposed to be so she was well written.

Selfish-Selfless: 8
Self interests-Last Battle: 10
Whining-accepting of problems: 7
Arrogant-Humble: 5
Boring POV-Awesome POV: 10
Boring Plots - Interesting plots: 10
Badly written-Well Written: 7
Total: 57/70

Pretty selfless as a character. Thinks he is going to die anyways, and is driven to fight the Dark One at all costs. He seemed to go through phases of whining at the beginning of the book, but is all steeled now. His POV and plots are some of the most interesting in the books. Well is plotline IS the series. His development seems to be well written but he was prone to dramatic "I'm Lews Therin" type changes that kinda of completely changed him without any development.

Selfish-Selfless: 7
Self interests-Last Battle: 4
Whining-accepting of problems: 9
Arrogant-Humble: 8
Boring POV-Awesome POV: 10
Boring Plots - Interesting plots: 10
Badly written-Well Written: 9
Total: 57/70

Matt seems selfish and trying to only benefit himself, but I think anyone can agree what Matt says (or even thinks in his POV), isn't really what he says or thinks. He is constantly risking his life for others. I still have to rate him pretty low in the battle against the Dark One, since he does seem to avoid that fight for the most part. He is arrogant on the exterioir, but rarely does he dismiss other characters thinking he is above them. His POV and plotlines are awesome in my mind. They may not have been as important as others, but still pretty interesting. He is the perfectly well written rogue type character. Han Solo with a spear. We are still uncovering more details about what and who he is.

Selfish-Selfless: 5
Self interests-Last Battle: 1
Whining-accepting of problems: 1
Arrogant-Humble: 8
Boring POV-Awesome POV: 4
Boring Plots - Interesting plots: 3
Badly written-Well Written: 3
Total: 25/70

A pretty selfless character, until Faile enters the equation and changes his. I think he said would see the world burn rather than giving up Faile, so he has to score low here. He also complains forever about being a wolf. Seriously, it has been 10 books non-stop of hearing him complain. He seems pretty humble though. Has some interesting POVs and plotlines with Slayer/defending the two rivers. The Shaido campaign really hurt him here. His character development should have take a book, not 10 though.

Selfish-Selfless: 8
Self interests-Last Battle: 5
Whining-accepting of problems: 9
Arrogant-Humble: 4
Boring POV-Awesome POV: 8
Boring Plots - Interesting plots: 7
Badly written-Well Written: 8
Total: 47/70

Pretty much just want's to heal and protect people. Doesn't want to trade her morality or love to fight the Dark One. She is kind of like Matt with not having any grand plans to fight the dark one, but would fight if given the chance.

Selfish-Selfless: 8
Self interests-Last Battle: 3
Whining-accepting of problems: 5
Arrogant-Humble: 1
Boring POV-Awesome POV: 5
Boring Plots - Interesting plots: 6
Badly written-Well Written: 10
Total: 39/70

Pretty selfless I guess? Maybe people would disagree with me though. I do think she puts the well being of the white tower over everything else. Her whole campaign so far was to reunite the tower. Sure she killed some Black Ajah in the process, but that could be argued was making the tower whole again. Now that she is the AS, she doesn't do anything useful to get ready for the last battle. Her arrogant rating doesnt need explanation. She is somewhat interesting in her POVs and plotlines, but there was a little too much Aes Sedai bickering here. She was the best written character since she is the AS and represents the Aes Sedai PERFECTLY. Think about it. If she is the white tower, her character is PERFECT.

Selfish-Selfless: 2
Self interests-Last Battle: 2
Whining-accepting of problems: 2
Arrogant-Humble: 2
Boring POV-Awesome POV: 2
Boring Plots - Interesting plots: 3
Badly written-Well Written: 4
Total: 17/70

Terrible person, only interested in gaining more thrones. The last battle seems like a freaking afterthought in her mind. She whines more than Perrin about stupid stuff. She is also very arrogant. Considering executing Perrin was rediculous as well. Her POV are boring and usually talking about dresses. I'm not sure what her role really is in the book. She could have been taken out and replaced by a generic noble easily.

10-02-2012, 02:09 PM
I agree. I was a little surprised with Perrin's rating, but agree with your points made. I just WANT to like him more. The IDEA of him is just so cool to me. But, yeah, his character doesn't live up to the expectation, mostly.

I wonder if anyone is closer to 70 than Rand and Mat. Moraine? We don't get many from her POV. Thom too (I think there is only a short one from his POV just before he goes and kills the Cairhien king.) Suane? I think we get a couple of her. Verin? I bet she would rate pretty well.

10-03-2012, 05:01 AM
Selfish-Selfless: 10 (He's very selfish, so he has a high score here.)
Self interests-Last Battle: 10 (He's quite willing to eat his friends. If that annoys the DO, so much the better.)
Whining-accepting of problems: 10 (He eats his problems while whining about them.)
Arrogant-Humble: 10 (He does have both the arrogance and humbleness down pat.)
Boring POV-Awesome POV: 10
Boring Plots - Interesting plots: 10
Badly written-Well Written: 10
Total: 70/70

So, as far as I can see, Fain gets 70 out of the available 70. That's good, isn't it?