View Full Version : Theory: Elayne and Galad

10-01-2012, 11:38 PM
Elayne hates Galad, with a passion that undermines reason. Galad is widely accepted as the most handsome man around. Rand is Galad's half-brother. Elayne is instantly, intensely attracted to Rand.

Theory: Elayne hates Galad because she is disgusted with the fact that she is physically attracted to her own half-brother. She searches for reasons to justify that hate so that she can bury the unseemly attraction.


10-02-2012, 02:13 AM
Elaine has a tendency to avoid rules which is why she gets into trouble every now and then. Galad ALWAYS plays by the rules. That's why she doesn't like him.

10-02-2012, 02:18 AM
With respect, kivo, that's a perfectly logical extrapolation of her behavior except for one thing. Elayne has stated, to Egwene, Nynaeve and just about anyone else who got within earshot, that her loathing for Galad stems from his intransigence regarding always doing what is right.
And his calling her sister, which she, irrationally denies.

The Great Hunt, Cptr 24.

"Min is right," Elayne said. "Galad has not the smallest part of humanity in him. He takes right above mercy, or pity ...He is no more human than a Trolloc."

It's a case of Occam's razor. The simplest explanation is usually -and in this case- definitely the best one.