View Full Version : Bragging in the tavern

12-09-2012, 11:28 AM
Tom: Hey guys, I just hooked up with the late king Laman's niece.
Perrin: That's nice Tom but I hooked up with Tenobia's niece who's actually in line of succession.
Galad: My GF has her own country. Did I mention she's gorgeous too?
Nyneave: My husband is a real king. Everybody says so!
Caraline: My husband is a king who actually has a country
Gawyn: That's very nice but when my GF crooks a finger, you will all come running
Mat: Except for my wife. She'd put a collar on her

Elayne, Min and Avienda: Were you guys saying something? We can't hear you from all the way over here


Hugin "Poppa" Cauthon
12-14-2012, 03:02 PM
I love it!

Additions to the conversation:

Gareth: Yeah, Gawyn. And, besides, your GF would be nothing without my GF's teaching. In fact, you would be nothing without mine.

Tallanvor: My wife was a Queen! Oh... hi Thom... Gareth... uh, didn't see you guys there...

Erith: Well, no one would ever even know who any of you people are if not for my Loial's book.

Bayle: You all do be very interesting. (Aside) Seriously, Leilwin, can we just get out of here, already?