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12-15-2012, 11:25 PM
It's the first full re read I do paying a lot more attention to everything related to or happening in the vicinity of Murandy.

It's also the first time I consider the possible implications of one episode that I had always assumed was simply linked to Sammael in Illian.

The first time Darkhounds enter the series isn't near Illian, where the DH were, most likely, Sammael's (the regular ones he lost in the early series, all of them it seems - none was found after his demise). It's rather when Perrin and Moiraine/Lan/Loial are in northern Altara near the Manethendrelle and the Murandy border, and RJ made a point to specify it was very close to the Murandy border (and the small area from which Murandy can be entered from the south). Much like the road north Mat would eventually take in TGS, that part of the Lugard Road still have remnants of pavement, and Perrin notices what turns out to be DH prints, and their smell of sulfur.

So all the way back in TDR, there was a pack of DH roaming that area and possibly guarding the Molvaine Gap and the narrow pass into Murandy (and aside from the one west of there in the mountains through which the Band escaped perhaps quite to the disappointement of "Roedran", the only one), which isn't all that far from where Perrin encountered his big Darkhounds pack much later. (well, relatively speaking - it's in the same general region)

It sounds like Sammael may not have been the only one having a pack patrolling his territory. If Demandred always had one, then some things could follow:

1) The Darkhounds in COT were after Fain. Duh. It's not news, it's almost a consensus by this point. But it becomes more interesting if Demandred set a pack to hunt him down after Fain destroyed his Asha'man agents whom he ordered to kill Rand in Far Madding. Previously, most theories linked the DH of COT to Moridin and Isam's hunt for Fain. If Demandred is behind the pack instead, then the purpose of that pack was to kill Fain but above all make damn sure Fain wouldn't enter Murandy and upset all his plans....

2) It could mean RJ pulled a fast one on us. He had us wondering left and right who the target was. He got most of us to expect the DH would resurface before the end (because with RJ set ups like this always return later, usually in an unexpected way), but he had most of us wondering where and when they'd catch up with their target, revealing who that was. But what was important could be where the DH were in COT, not the mission they were pursuing back then, because it's not very far from where they'll resurface again in the endgame...

In the early series, RJ left us clues, threads to follow. We didn't really understand all the plots, but in hindsight later on we could return knowing more and puzzle things out. It spared him having to boringly give answers to everything later, and rewarded those who re read a lot. One of his devices (which he used less passed TSR, and no longer at all after LOC when confusion truly started to reign) was to assign means to specific characters and stick to that. Ishamael was the one sending Myrddraal, DF and Grey Men. Lanfear is the one using Dream-baits (Ishamael rather used hope-destroying nightmares) disguises and Isam to counter Ishamael's assassination attempts on Rand's allies in TDR. And she's the one manipulating Rand's friends to help him.

I'll go on a limb and suggest RJ assigned Sammael the regular Darkhounds (all eliminated by the end of TDR), and he gave Demandred the ones only balefire can kill.

Those who believe there's a big balefire/Demandred connection should like this. It means it make take a whole lot of balefire to deal with Demandred at his lair or he might even show up on the battlefield surrounded by his pups, and few know that weave, and fewer still know it's the only way to kill those DH. Perhaps there's even a connection between those DH only balefire can kill and the apparent balescreams in the vicinity in KOD.

We've been told all along it's the Shadow's generals who loved to have DH guard dogs around them, but I don't think many have wondered if Demandred had that habit too. Of course now he's the only Chosen general left... if a general of the Shadow will have DH guard dogs then...

Interestingly, if Demandred do have packs in the wild around Murandy and Rand is right he's up to something in the south, no one there currently knows balefire. At the moment, if Demandred was to send a pack against a Seanchan army, it would be a rout. The sul'dam/damane, the officers... they could destroy the best weapons and the chain of command of a Seanchan army in little time. And they can't be killed, and they never stop.

If Mat in with such an army, he'd better pray for a sul'dam and damane pair to Travel away, because those DH only balefire can kill are gonna turn into Mat-killing machines.

The other interesting point if it's a specific Chosen who has special DH, and this Chosen is Demandred, it's very likely we'll learn why only balefire can kill them in AMOL.

I would also suggest Demandred was the one who sent a pair to investigate Rhuidean/Asmodean. It becomes interesting those DH seems to have mistaken Mat for Rand... perhaps they can sense ta'veren (that would put an interesting twist on the fact Fain was turned into a "Hound" and has been called that many times, and seems to sense ta'veren too).

We also have to face it: TG is beginning, and aside from the fact he's killed wolves in TAR and probably contributed to the increase of DH packs, there's still not a sign of Isam could be leading DH packs and what not. Not one. Not a single reference to DH, even though Isam has thought of wolves in his POV. Fain is long gone from the vicinity of FM, probably vanished very shortly after the WH events by a Waygate near FM, and it's unlikely our puppies can open a Waygate.

DH in and around Murandy would make thematic sense since it's the Crossroads, in the middle of most territories held by Rand or his allies, and between his side and the Seanchan's.

If this is right and the DH at the border of Murandy in TDR were the first clue about Demandred, it means he's been there all along. All along he's placed himself right in the middle of his three opponents's territories, an ideal place from which to organize incidents and have his rivals fight one another eventually, while he safely made no open claim and remained totally hidden. Then he got lucky and ended up between Sammael and Rand, and later in the middle of Rand's territories and then between Rand's territories and Semirhage's, and on the eve of TG Demandred finds himself between Elayne and Tuon, with Taim to occupy Rand north of him. It looks like his immense patience will be rewarded.

And while speculating wildly.. if it turns out Demandred's the one who will be tied with Darkhounds during TG - if he shows up with a whole lot of DH guards around him - it opens the door to a Broken Wolf connection we can't puzzle out right now. Why would Demandred's demise shake men's very will? If the price to defeat Demandred and his "guard dogs" is a whole lot of balefire when the Pattern hangs by threads only, and the alternative is to let Demandred destroy his foes, it could be why.

We also don't know which men the prophecy refers to. It could include the Shadow's followers, turn out to be the last big balefire incident of the LB, the one after which the Light stops using balefire even to eliminate the Chosen, and the one after which the pawns of the Shadow refuse to use it anymore. Such an horrifying moment came in the WOS, in the state the Pattern is in right now it could well happen again. Shai'tan's got only one pawn willing to destroy the Pattern, all the others believe they'll have a world to rule over - the events surrounding Demandred's death might remind them of the hubris of following Shai'tan - of how close they are to destroying the Pattern. That could somewhat dampen the will of the Dreadlords and few Chosen left alive.. shake their very will too.

12-16-2012, 02:30 AM
I still think the evidence points to the special Darkhounds belonging to Slayer, but good point on the TDR Darkhounds. There's another clue that Demandred was already in Murandy in TDR; apparently Sammael's armies were preparing to attack Murandy, though Brend was telling everyone they were going to attack Tear.

12-16-2012, 03:24 PM
I still think the evidence points to the special Darkhounds belonging to Slayer, but good point on the TDR Darkhounds. There's another clue that Demandred was already in Murandy in TDR; apparently Sammael's armies were preparing to attack Murandy, though Brend was telling everyone they were going to attack Tear.

Yeah, the plans as far as I can make out was for Be'lal to start a war against Tar Valon at some point before TG. He was already preparing the populace for the idea, and planting the notion that novices could be spared and "retrained" (how very Seanchan of him). Mind you, Be'lal was also apparently stirring hatred of Mayene and Illian too.

Sammael was making noises toward Tear, but that was almost certainly a decoy to make Be'lal more cautious about sending Tairen soldiers north, a defensive move, ultimately. He was going for Murandy, which would have brought him to Rahvin's doorstep and solidified his defense perimeter. Then he could move westward for Altara, or seize control of Far Madding and the west bank of the Erinin, etc.

Rahvin should have gone for Murandy - the mountain pass was easy to defend and protected him largely from Sammael, but instead he saw an opportunity with the bloodied Cairhien. An easy prey and a nice prize, as it blocked his rivals's paths to the TV and the Blight.

If Demandred had wind of any of this, and he probably did - his rivals were not very secretive - Murandy was a excellent taking as long as no one knew he was there. Had Sammael made the mistake of seizing the country, he would have found himself infiltrated by Demandred's followers, "Roedran" could even have escaped to gather Murandian forces in the country, or to take refuge in southern Andor etc., and with all the border raids and such, it was all too easy for Demandred to have Sammael and Rahvin go at each other's throats down the line. Well... maybe not that easy, because Sammael and Ravhin know Demandred's tactics and strategies.

I think the biggest clue about Demandred Jordan gave us is Sammael's warning to Demandred. It was fairly devious, because Sammael was wrong about the location/groups involved. What Jordan gave us is rather a good clue of what to look for to spot a typical Demandred strategy and set up, and I'm pretty sure, a big clue as to the kind of campaign we might expect from him in TG. And if we combine this and the variant that's his (real, this time) plans with the Band, it's a really big clue.

Sammael believed Demandred was using the WC and they had set up Masema and his Dragonsworn to rally the whole south to them. It's no wonder Sammael was fooled... he thought Demandred was rallying nations against the Dragon, having false dragonsworn commit atrocities the WC would free them from. It's an alliance he could have turned against TV and the "false Dragon" Rand in time, letting the two sides destroy one another.

He believed Demandred was now starting to expand that campaign east, using Carridin and his bands of dragonsworn/bandits as forerunners, meanwhile mobilizing all the WC in Amadicia in preparation for the "rescues" of nations plagued by Dragonsworn. Those troubles were reaching Illian, and that's when Sammael snapped and meant to tell Demandred to back off. Graendal was trying to get Demandred and Sammael at each other's throat, so she almost certainly didn't pass his message, she rather turned her attention south to puzzle out what this was all about. It's mostly Sammael's agents she managed to find and spy on, for obvious reasons.

Nothing changed of course, because it was all Pedron Niall and Masema wasn't a set up of the WC, just a convenient excuse to mobilize without the neighbors figuring out the WC would move east - so Sammael took further steps.

I believe Sammael first attempted to link Demandred and Mesaana to the Shaido, and to create an "incident" that might get Rand killed if he was lucky, or captured but not by Mesaana. That's what disguising himself as a tall dark man with a very strong Aes Sedai companion was all about. I think Graendal puzzled him out only when he called her Maisia - and she was furious. If Demandred or Mesaana found out, she found herself in open war against that trio. Then there was Dumai's Wells, pretty much the result of Sammael's scheme coupled with Elaida's stupid scheme to trust the Shaido to wipe out Gawyn's Younglings.

Sammael then took it one step further, and "proving" the Shaido were Demandred's, he scattered them through the whole south. Demandred controlled both sides of his proxy war to bring the area behind the WC, Sammael's thrown in a third force in play to bring real chaos into the equation - let Demandred sort out the mess, with a real enemy to keep his WC "Friends" busy.

Then Sammael seized control of Joachim Carridin, learned Carridin had no idea of any involvement of Demandred, that all passed through Pedron Niall. Sammael didn't let it rest - I'm convinced he's the one who, one way or another, was behind Asunawa's plot to remove Niall. It was probably achieved a few steps removed from Asunawa himself (who hid in turn behind Valda) so Demandred suspected nothing.

All of that for nothing, Demandred was never involved there, it's Semirhage's Seanchan who were to take the whole south....

But Sammael was no fool. He couldn't know Pedron Niall was from the same mold as Barid Bel Medar and just as enamoured of proxy conflicts. Demandred, however, was more clever. He didn't launch a strategy that had his methods written all over it right under Sammael's nose! He didn't take that risk of being so obvious until Sammael was dead, Rand's attention was elsewhere and he was very cautious, using people that had come near him for completely other reasons. It attracted the Aes Sedai attention a bit, they noticed it was too clever for Roedran, but they dismissed it.

That's when he launched something that's merely a variant of Niall's phase 1: He let a few bands of bandits roam and give an aura of "trouble" to the Rebel AS and their Dragonsworn army, he then hired the dragonsworn Band to play the part of the threat and rallied the Murandians against them.

We may never know for sure if Demandred meant to crush the Band and failed because they found a secret pass into Altara, or if he intended the Band to escape. I suspect the latter, but he probably intended to push them through the Molvaine Gap, but they fled a bit further east and entered Northern Altara unseen, joined Mat. Then Mat dragged away all the armies sitting on the Andor and Murandy borders. Oops.

I think Demandred wanted the Band in Northern Altara, to clash with the Seanchan armies there, and used the conflagration to frigthen the Murandians this was the beginning of the Seanchan invasion. Alternatively, the Band would bump into the Seanchan, try to find their way back north, and that's when Demandred would have the Murandians attack them. Same result: the conflagration with the Seanchan started. Back then, he could let the Seanchan win, merge his Murandians with Semirhage, remain King, prepare to seize Andor alongside the Seanchan. That ship has sailed now.

But his Murandians are no match to the Seanchan, that conflict would be as short-lived as the conquest of Amadicia or Altara.

Well, not so. Around the same time Demandred let the Band escape in northern Altara - and this plays a large part in convincing me his eyes are set south, not north - he began infiltrating Shadospawn armies through Altara and, I would suspect, all through the South. The Murandians are meant to bait the Seanchan north. The Shadowspawn would cut them off from all their outposts and their command center (Ebou Dar).

Now Travelling is an unexpected development. It's not a campaign breaking twist however, if Demandred has assets that can deal with damane/sul'dam. He would, if Jordan gave him packs of Darkhounds only balefire can kill. Packs would roam northern Altara at night, run down Seanchan camps, kill the channellers, the grounded to'raken and raken (and don't we know the Seanchan beasts will clash with Shadowspawn eventually...): the army is isolated. Do that for a while, and when Ebou Dar isn't surrounded anymore with huge armies, the Shadowspawn could move for the Seanchan leadership. Tanchico and Amadica might have their share of troubles as well. Sooner or later, that would attract Rand's forces, but that's fine.

But for this to work, Demandred now has to distract Fortuona from her current plans. She's mobilizing everything around Ebou Dar and intends to use Traveling to move north to strike at Tar Valon. That's no good for the Shadow anymore, the Seanchan with hundreds of new damane, and north to face the Shadow.

But to keep them south Demandred pretty much has to attack from Murandy, or have the Shadowspawn start it by attacking what forces the Seanchan have left in northern Altara, let the raken report and wait for the Seanchan armies to start coming. Not in huge numbers at first, Tuon won't easily budge from her plans for TV.

This would all work better and much faster if Demandred manages to increase the threat level Murandy represents to the Seanchan (which for now is very low). There's several ways he can achieve that. It's a very simple thing to convince the Seanchan the WT/BT have come in force in reprisals and are wiping out Seanchan armies through Altara, working their way toward Ebou Dar. Mat has done something similar with the Band in KOD. Even Mat wouldn't suspect the decoy, not after he learns Tuon has went and raided the WT, capturing the Amyrlin Seat!

Then it would of course be very convenient for Demandred if he could convince Andor at Merrilor to ally with Murandy around two causes: wiping out the Shadow's attack on Andor, and a defensive pact in case of a Seanchan attack on either country. Those two nations don't like each other much, but they're not Illian and Tear either, and it's not with Murandy Andor has gone to war, but Tear and Cairhien. They share a common border with Altara. If the Seanchan move, they'll seize southernmost Andor too, not just Murandy.

It's also much easier to stop the Seanchan in the narrow part of Southern Andor (which is sided west by the impassable Wall and the Manetherendrelle) and the Molvaine Gap than to wait for them to seize Murandy and move to its large northern border with Andor. The alliance could make sense to Elayne, and the one man who could forewarn her to be very, very cautious of deals made with Roedran is currently in bed recovering. Talmanes could keep Elayne on her guard, but possibly only after an alliance is made.

Traveling change the game, but mostly for raids or attacks of the type planned on the WT as the Seanchan can't link. No circle, no large Gateways. No large gateways, no massive battlefield movements in the vein of what the North can pull off, and no fast retreat for the Seanchan. It's all one-man sized Gateways for them, and not all damane will be strong enough to make them. And using them on the battlefield means the strongest damane no longer can fight, and many others will have to protect them. It's also bye-bye beasties, most are probably too large for one-damane gateways.

If Demandred manages to drag Elayne into that conflict, he stands a chance to drag other allies when it sours up. Elayne would be priceless, because with her involved, she could serve as caution to her allies north the Seanchan only and not the Shadow are involved, or that the Shadowspawn attack Murandians and Seanchan alike.

LTT would probably figure it out eventually and perhaps sooner than later, but if he doesn't before Elayne is with Demandred, he's in a bit of a pickle, especially if between the Dreadlords, the Shadowspawn invasion north and various Caemlyn-style attacks, his forces are already very busy and he doesn't want them to scatter too much.

It wouldn't be easy to attack Demandred frontally if he's got Rand's pregnant lover, her nobles and officers near him either.

And when he wants Rand to come, he can arrange for him to know about Roedran.

Aludra's obsession with using the dragons against the Seanchan would be fulfilled. As soon as reports of that would reach Ebou Dar, Mat would have a big "oh shit" moment. He'd find himself caught between his friends/allies/his own personal army and his wife.

For Rand it would be disastrous. It's the two fronts war he was so desperate to avoid. Either Mat has failed, Mat has taken the wrong side, or he's fallen into a proxy war engineered by Demandred. Either way it's bad.

And as long as the two sides of the Light both figure it out, a war between them is the best way to keep them from any idea of an alliance.

I still think the evidence points to the special Darkhounds belonging to Slayer,

I never had much problems with that, except it never seems to materialize.

Oh, Jordan tied Slayer left and right to wolves and Perrin, but only that.

Slayer is a boaster and talks too much. I find it strange he didn't bait Perrin more about the DH.

Then there's the prologue scene. Again, no hint whatsoever of a link to DH. You'll have noticed there's no hint in Slayer's thoughts that these new orders contradict anything he was charged with. Not even a "but what about the renegade Moridin wants eliminated so badly", no "those orders would keep him from his cousin he was supposed to deal with" and no "Huh... wasn't I supposed to lead DH?"

Nope.. again Isam is given an assassination mission, and this time he's got Red Veils. He seems to be into that for the long game, it's probably what the whole "don't stop unless the DO directly tells you to" is about. Isam seems bound to stay in the Aiel town or TAR between missions, so the Chosen can find him. Traveling with Red Veils who can't enter TAR, he might not be so easy to reach for a while.

So I'm.. puzzled. This could be a brief detour before Slayer plays another role, but it could also well be his "last hunt".

The stakes are really against him. For now Perrin is near Rand, and so are the Dreamwalkers. Lan isn't that far, Moiraine is arriving. Merrilor is the gathering Slayer can't infiltrate safely. He may not be recognized for who he is, but he's Malkieri who looks much like Lan. Moiraine is forewarned about Isam. Alanna is another suspected to show up at Merrilor. She knows Luc, and so do several nobles around Elayne. The Aiel who know Tigraine will recognize her traits in him, just like Janduin.

Sure, Slayer can jump back to TAR, but Perrin knows he does that, and Egwene can follow him in the flesh, and bring Perrin along.

Short of Lan and Alanna, it's like every character tied one way or another with Luc/Isam is at Merrilor. And we can't fully rule out Rand won't soon ask Nynaeve to fetch Lan at the last minute so he attends the meeting and coordinates with those who will join him at the Gap.

It's also quite possible it won't be long before the wolves show up at Merrilor. Lots of room, Perrin's there, and the Last Hunt is about to start. Once they do, if they do, good luck to anyone trying to infiltrate Merrilor's reflection in TAR... The wolfhunter would rapidly become the prey...

We often wondered which of Slayer's connections would be relevant, and which aren't. We didn't have an option where Elayne, the Mantears, Morgase, Galad, Gawyn, the Andor nobles, the Taardad, Moiraine and possibly Lan, Nynaeve, Perrin and the wolves, possibly Alanna, Min and Rand would all be together. Well, now we do.

We have all these theories Slayer would survive until very late in the LB, but we could be quite wrong... at least in the Slayer form. There's not telling what might happen with Luc if Isam is killed.

It makes more sense that the Darkhounds will be found north and show up when the wolves arrive. But they're not made to deal with wolves the Shadow is utterly contemptuous of. We've been told it's the Shadow's generals who liked to surround themselves with DH packs as guard dogs.

And let's face it: if DH packs go after the wolves, they'll shred the wolves to pieces, and fast. Perrin's powerless to face them too, short of having an army of balefire wielding channelers at his side.

And forcibly Demandred will have to come north eventually. That would bring the wolves and DH together only in the last phase of TG. This seems to make more sense to me a big balefire fiesta to deal with his puppies happens fairly late and once the Pattern is already much worse. And so late in the game, it would make sense to shred a lot of wolves. a lot more than have this begin early in the LB.

The other detail I like with the notion Demandred will be the one surrounded by DH is the "Old Grim" leading the packs legends. It probably refers to Shai'tan in truth, but you've got to admit it would fit RJ's humor to associate Old Grim to the dour and grim Demandred.:) If that pans out, that'd be another little clue we've missed.

And as for the Slayer connection, it might well turn out when he killed wolves in TAR, Slayer was working for Demandred and the DO who wanted "true" WOS-style DH, DH made out of captured souls of wolves with Shai'tan's intervention, not puppies bred normally by DH females with a soul coming from the soul pool normally (like Trollocs and other "breeders" among Shadowspawn). Sammael just picked third Age breeded DH, Demandred planned to get the real thing. It could be the difference between the two varieties: one of them is alive and can be killed normally, the other is more like... Slayer: a living body and a second soul, dead, merged together by Shai'tan and having some TAR-like features from the dead-in-TAR nature of the wolves.

12-16-2012, 10:01 PM
Dom, to your post from yesterday (not today), does this mean that Demandred was the one who set up Sammael when Rand retook Cairhie?

Also, someone good at weather might be able to rain-away those DH - but I wouldn't too surprised if the regenerating DH would just ignore that as well...

I would say that the rest of the Chosen may abandon their cause if they learned of Shaitan's real goal. It wouldn't surprise me if the DO could then force them to do whatever he wants anyway, through his bond to them - we've seen compulsion as in almost every bond in the series (especially marriage, haha). If not, the DO might simply be able to kill them through that bond alone, and then force their dead selves to do what he wants anyway. The new Dreadlords and Chosen, however, would probably be so ignorant or mindless that they may proceed as planned anyway.

Also, is it possible that all of Slayer's TAR wolf-killing is a way to recruit/create more DH?

Your idea presents a deliciously messed up prospect for the Shadow to route the Light. [Your later post makes this more explicit, but I've only had time to read it, not to digest it properly] I wish I had more time to write theories, but my several jobs leave me only time for online writing of blog posts.

Lots of great ideas here, as usual, Dom. I'm hopeful for actually getting some insight into the Forsaken, not merely grand ideas that are fleshed out by fellow-fans instead of the narrative itself. Well done!

12-17-2012, 07:07 PM
Dom, to your post from yesterday (not today), does this mean that Demandred was the one who set up Sammael when Rand retook Cairhie?

I don't think so, but I might change my mind when I get there in my re read.

I think that one was a genuine attempt of the "four musketeers" to implement their plan.

Also, someone good at weather might be able to rain-away those DH - but I wouldn't too surprised if the regenerating DH would just ignore that as well...

I'd say probably.

I would say that the rest of the Chosen may abandon their cause if they learned of Shaitan's real goal. It wouldn't surprise me if the DO could then force them to do whatever he wants anyway,

This is what the Dark Prophecy of TOM might imply indeed.

Also, is it possible that all of Slayer's TAR wolf-killing is a way to recruit/create more DH?

It's one option I believe possible, yes. Well, not "create" as such, I'm pretty much against anyone but Shai'tan doing soul manipulations, but the fact they're killed in TAR by Slayer might make it very easy for the DO to capture those souls. Brandon has called the death of the wolves in terms of "removal from the Pattern" once.

Your idea presents a deliciously messed up prospect for the Shadow to route the Light. [Your later post makes this more explicit, but I've only had time to read it, not to digest it properly] I wish I had more time to write theories, but my several jobs leave me only time for online writing of blog posts.

Lots of great ideas here, as usual, Dom.

Thanks. I don't have that great a track record for getting it right, though! I spot stuff, but I often put it together the wrong way. Well, not all. We'll see.

I'm hopeful for actually getting some insight into the Forsaken

Me too. I suspect we won't get much exposition about the early stuff. That was never RJ's style. But I'm hopeful we'll get a chunk of new clues to have fun re reading the early series again. TOM/TGS did that, it's really fun to follow the threads of Sheriam/Verin etc. now. Both are giving me a lot of fun re reading TDR.

12-17-2012, 08:43 PM
Nice. I'll keep an eye our during my re-read. But I think I've reached a point where I think Demandred's exact location and plans seem less important to me than the thematic elements associated with his character. RJ played him very close to the chest, and while part of that was likely so that his final reveal will be a Big Event, I now think that the greater reason was to keep back the thematic aspects of his character till we had sane-LTT on the screen via Rand. After all, LTT spent the better part of his life allied with this guy. He turned pretty late in the game. As much as Rand having LTT's memories is a bonus for the Light, the fact that Demandred was in his innermost councils for a long time will definitely be a negative, I think, as well this attraction to Meirin.

Let's hope the wait pays off.