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01-01-2013, 02:34 AM
Hi all,

Several folks in the online sci-fi/fantasy community have joined together to create a charitable organization called The Waygate Foundation. It's goal is to harness the awesome that is the sci-fi/fantasy community, both authors and fans, in collective philanthropic campaigns.

They've started their kick-off campaign, called "A Story Begins. (http://waygatefoundation.org/a-story-begins/)" It supports Patrick Rothfluss's Worldbuilders charity. Here are the juicy WoT-related details:
We are especially excited to announce that when this campaign reaches our goal, Waygate has received permission to share a sneak peek of the Wheel of Time Encyclopedia! The Encyclopedia is a new reference work which will be produced by Team Jordan, including editor Harriet McDougal and continuity editors Maria Simons and Alan Romanczuk. Though it is not expected to be released until at least 2014, it will include detailed entries on history, geography, weaponry, natural life such as plants, birds and animals, and character descriptions and backgrounds. Waygate is thrilled to have an opportunity to provide the first look at this addition to the Wheel of Time universe and plans to publish it on-line for all fans to enjoy when we reach the $10,000 goal. We canít wait to hear what you think about it!

Visit their Website: http://waygatefoundation.org/

Like them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/WaygateFoundation (http://www.facebook.com/WaygateFoundation)

and if you are so inclined, click their donation button.

If you have any questions, let me know. :)

01-04-2013, 12:18 PM
I missed this...just read it today.


01-13-2013, 09:59 AM
It's a great idea, but I think people would be more inclined to donate if the site mentioned who will be helped by Rothfuss' charity. Yes, they probably could find that out on their own, but site visitors generally can't be bothered to hunt for information across multiple sites and just want the TL;DR like "starving orphans in Africa." Sites that convince me to donate are usually ones with pictures and stories that tug at the heartstrings; a sterile white page without any further information does not. The only hook here is the offer of a preview of the encyclopedia when they reach $10,000, but they don't say how much they've received so far. IMO, a progress bar would encourage more people to donate.

01-29-2013, 02:37 PM

Because this is bump-worthy

01-29-2013, 02:45 PM
I think people would be more inclined to donate if the site mentioned who will be helped by Rothfuss' charity.

Ummm, the link has that info all on the top...(EDIT) of the Worldbuilders link (http://worldbuilders.org/)...you just scroll across the pictures...click click click. Links are there. But:

Heifer International is the primary group to benefit. They are pretty well known, but here is a good link if anyone is curious (and too lazy to scroll hehehehe) Heifer International (http://www.heifer.org/)

and HERE (http://blog.patrickrothfuss.com/2012/11/worldbuilders-2012/) is the overall donation status (sorry, I don't see the WOT-related $10,000 goal status, on 1/17 it said they were 25% there)