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01-10-2013, 05:21 PM
The following is a reply from the "After the end" thread, moved here on Tamyrlin's suggestions. I contains some of my ideas to explain some of the "hooks" we've seen at the end of aMoL, as well as the Finns, the Heroes, Fain, etc.

To get a fuller explanation for where I come from with the "life is a folding of TAR" idea, see this pre-aMoL thread of mine (which needs revisions with the new info we have):


Here goes:

About Nakomi:

I was re-reading her section in ToM. Now, there are multiple references there which point to her being in TAR: there are many fresh coals in the fire, it becomes warmer, and of course, Nakomi more or less disappears at the end. Further, the food Aviendha tastes is particularly delicious, which is weird, since Rand wasn't around, and hadn't had his epiphany yet.

So, on the one hand, Nakomi has a Rand-like effect on food. On the other hand, we assumed she was met in TAR... but what if she was doing what Rand was? Manipulating reality in the way a Dreamer would? Tied together with Brandon's quote that Nakomi comes from notes on Rand, I think the case becomes stronger for her to be some kind of Creator avatar. At the very least, she may be some kind of corrective mechanism of the Pattern, who, unlike ta'veren, gently nudges things based on what she knows of the future.

I'm still very attached to her being Verin. And if we accept Nakomi as a kind of Pattern corrector, this fits Verin even better. Verin did exactly that. A nudge here, a nudge there, always helping people, but doing so by giving them choice, and knowledge. Even when she speaks of her past and how she joined the Black, she talks of choice.

And Egwene's final words to her, that her soul was white, like the Light itself... its very suggestive. In the scene itself, it seems as if Egwene is saying this to comfort Verin, and to tell her that Egwene understands and appreciates her sacrifice. But what if there is more? Egwene does seem somewhat more sensitive to the land, the Pattern, and even people and what they are. In ToM, we had several lines indicating that she had a somewhat deeper understanding of how Rand had changed (only to be totally washed away in aMoL, but whatever), and she puts this in words others around Rand don't. So what if, unconsciously, what Egwene said to Verin had more truth than she knew?

I have previously collected a fairly large amount of evidence from the books that indicates that the phrase "life is a dream" has more meaning than we believed. Reality is a folding of TAR, I'm convinced of it. That's why its Tel'aran'rhiod, and not the Pattern or the Wheel, that is the Third Constant Verin mentioned (and which was repeated again in ToM). What Rand (and likely Nakomi) does with the pipe is a result of that. Outside the Pattern, he was able to weave its substance into dream realities (he and the DO even call these "If worlds" Dreams).

I think doing that, weaving the essence of the Pattern itself, has given Rand a deeper understanding of what is going on. And so, like a Dreamwalker, he can weave reality into what he wants (though I suspect the limits for him are greater than for a Dreamwalker).

Which brings me to the Finns. I was kind of thrown that the only reference to them in aMoL was Perrin seeing some kind of reflection of them in TAR. We've also seen Egwene talk of the Dreams of strange creatures from other worlds. Most importantly, the Finns seem to have two very Dreamer/Dreamwalker like abilities: they can see into the future, and they can change things about people: give them memories, take away strength in the OP, and so on.

Compare this also, with what Mordeth does. He too can change men, create this huge fog with weird properties, live on for a long long time, baloon up, change appearance, etc.

What if all these things are tied together? All of them are, one way or another, what we can call "awake Dreamwalkers". They're able to, within limits, weave the One Power in a different way. They don't use the Five Powers. Instead they weave pure OP, pure Light, much as Rand did to remake the Dark One's Prison.

This "pure form of the Power" is also likely the substance of the Pattern, what its threads are made out of. Nor is it entirely new. We've seen Rand, before, use a sword of pure Light to sever Ishamael and Asmodean from the Dark One. We saw him fling it at Ishamael in EotW. And I suspect that the Voice, and Singing, allows manipulation of the energies of Creation at this level. Same with the Heroes.

Tl;dr: Reality is a fold of TAR, and you can manipulate it like TAR if you can manipulate pure Light. Rand, Nakomi, Mordeth, the Finns and the Heroes of the Horn can all do this to one degree or another.