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Rand al'Fain
01-16-2013, 05:00 PM
Okay, a really good book, with a REALLY long chapter for the Battle of Merrilor, which I can understand.

The Good-

Androl & Pevara

Mat & Tuon

Siuan & Bryne (despite deaths, which honestly made me feel sad for them, considering what they went through).

Battle of Merrilor (honestly, had a feeling it would come down to this, other than what was at Shayol

Ghul, all forces of the Light faced the bulk of the Dark One's forces).

Rand living (though, still not a fan of the bodyswap
stuff, though I understand why it was used)

Use of the Dragons later on (makes tactical sense and it did incredible damage)

Lan (espescially taking out Demandred)

Olver (kid is resourceful, brave, and is going to be very interesting growing up)

The Meh

Dark Aiel (Not used as widely as I would have thought)

The overall battle (was really jumping and sometimes made it hard to follow along, trying to squeeze too much into it)

Lanfear (so much for being a "grey" Forsaken, but kind of a anticlimatic ending for her)

Graendal (well, I guess you could call it getting what you deserve)

Egwene (Egwene was Egwene. Never cared much for her, but never wanted her to die, just to learn some humility in front of certain people for once, but she went out with a bang, that much to her credit)

Galad (did more or less what I expected of him)

Perrin (About the same)

The Bad

Gawyn (once again, he goes off on his own, and this time pays the ultimate price)

Bodyswap (was never a fan of it, even though Rand lived)

Rand just leaving everyone he was ever close to, with only 4 people knowing what happened to him.

No prologue. Just a sentence or a paragraph about what happened to the main characters at least would have been nice.

The WTF/da-amn moments

Turning the Aes Sedai and Asha'man. That honestly made my stomach do somersalts.

The Sharans. Much like the Easterlings in Lord of the Rings. Minus the giant elephants, plus hundreds of channelers.

The lack of Aiel. They never say how many Aiel go to Shayol Ghul, but sounded like, even with battles and defections, hundreds of thousands were seemingly missing.

Same with the Asha'man stationed to the South. Dozens of men, at least, that could channel were seemingly forgotten.

Graendal the Banshee. Boy did she go bananas when she lost her looks, and than she Compelled herself in the end. Just desserts I guess?

Eggy inventing the counter to balefire, and then exploding without anyone else seemingly learning it. More of a "crap, really?" kind of moment, but still.

Min becoming an honored member of Seanchan society. That was amusing. And in your face.

Slayer/Luc having mental mercy for a street Urchin. Odd for someone who never weemed to otherwise have compassion for anyone elses's life but his own.

Rand finally ending it with Lanfear. Nuff said.

All in all, a good book, but still left some elements missing.

Lost One
01-16-2013, 05:52 PM
While I have heard of some who did not, I really liked the Androl/Pervara plot.

Deaths that made me say "Oh No.." Bela's, Gareth's and Suian, and Rhuric's.. especially at the hand of Avi. Also wished something different for Allanah. Oh and Shaidar Haran.. Not that he should not have dided,just, did not like how he was explained.

Did Tovienne survive" I assume not, but where did she go down?

Again, while some have complained that not enough first tier character's went down, there were enough second and third tier going down that it still seemed personal and perilous. Examples of Kiruna, Bera, Allanah and Kwamesa. While not main characters, they (and others) had been in and out and woven into scenes enough that we had some connection to them.

01-16-2013, 06:02 PM
I liked the Androl and Pevara plot too, because I assumed that most major characters had plot immunity and wouldn't be killed off, so it was exciting watching minor characters like them in a perilous situation where something real felt at stake. By the time I realized that they, too, were invincible, then I sort of lost interest. But I certainly didn't hate the plot as much as others did.

01-16-2013, 06:16 PM
You have alot of the same thoughts on certain characeters and events as i do.

To start with, the body swap: not a fan either to be honest. Did i miss something in this book where was Alivia even in this book? Rand being Rand i didnt think himself capable of putting his father thru the pain his death is obviously causing him. Also as he rides away into the sunset why is he wondering which of the three women he will pick? And perrin is obviously still part wolf would he not have been able to smell the difference?
Also if they're certain there are to be no other books about anything wheel of time, why leave the ending wide open with rand the way they did? what was that with the pipe? did he just have a magic pipe or did he now have godlike powers?

In the encylopedia that they say is coming out will it tell us what everyone did after the last battle? I feel its complete and total BS leaving those of us who have followed the series for 20+ years hanging, wondering about their futures.

I liked the four battlefronts in this book, it gave some of the key figures the chance to play key roles in the final battle. The incredible loss of life was to be expected as well too i guess. In order for good to conquer evil everyone has to sacrifice, and it seems that literally every one did in a way.

I loved the part about Lan killing Demandred, i always felt he needed to do something bigger and his role in the last fight was exactly that.

the Aiel too, the books never came out and said exactly how many of there were. I was always under the impression there was close to or around a million or some crazy number. It seemed to me that their part in this book was relatively small, seemings how since the fires of heaven they were Rand's trump card.

It was a great book, but theres huge gaps in it, what happens to the characters we all know and love? Will they be all right? do they remain friends? does the Dragon peace treaty work? does the White Tower recover? Does Logain now have his calling? What happens to the borderlands now? Do the Seanchan stay or go stabilize their homeland? Mat and perrin are they really no longer T'averen? Is mat still crazy lucky what about his memories?

And the big thing i've always wondered, is this what happened before The Age of Legends? since they "discovered" the dark one. Was it because in the previous third age he was defeated in a similar manner? They say in the age of legends they had no war what so ever, well this is definitely a good start to that becoming a reality.

all of this could have been cleared up with a few page epilogue, not too much to ask dont ya think?