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01-16-2013, 05:24 PM
Hey ya'll. Reading the last book made think, "what's going on with TL these days?" Been a while.. :P

I finished the book a few days ago but was waiting a few days, reading bunch of posts on here, waiting for everything to sink in before I posted. So I wanted to share some thoughts because I know ya'll are dying to hear.

First off, I've never been much of a theory person for the books. I just didn't care much about theorizing or even analyzing the books much. I just read them, soak in the story, and just enjoy it. I think that might be what lets me enjoy the story, especially with BS being the new author who clearly employs different style than RJ.

That said, even with me being like that, some things REALLY stuck out.. and for that happening to someone who literally doesn't think on theories or different writing style, that's saying A CRAPLOAD.

As has been said already, I found Mat's personality to be way too childish. I think BS went in the right direction because Mat is playful.. but he went wayyy too far and used his own sense of humor which is way different imo from what I've seen the character RJ created. Also, so many things in the book stood out even as I was reading it.. so it was like fanservice.. And those things sticking out like that kinda took me away from me being all IN the story.. so instead of being in the story.. it was me holding a book reading a story, if that makes sense.. So many things felt off, awkward, out of character, wrong, you name it.

One of my biggest annoyances though was that BS seriously overdoes the whole "sarcasm." All of a sudden I guess everyone in WOT is really sarcastic. Mat, Rand, Talmanes, Nynaeve, Pevara, etc. Blah blah.

All that said I was surprised since again, I don't LOOK for these things, that I noticed when RJ was writing certain scenes. It really was obvious. It felt good reading a new scene from him.. But I do have to admit, overall, I enjoyed the book even though it was certainly not as good as I would've wanted it to be with all these things being off.. especially for the LAST book of the series.. And I'll be honest, what saddens me the most is that some of the things RJ didn't resolve would've been ok with me, especially if he did the Outrigger novels, but because those didn't occur.. I have no idea what happens to some of those people and I'm DYING to know how they lead out their lives.. Mat, Min, Rand, Tam, etc. So I wish for a more detailed ending tying everything for the characters I love.. It would make for a boring scene in a movie. But it would be fine in a book I think. I'm not an author though, so whatever, just my feeling as a long-time reader of this particular series.

Oh yeah. WHY IS TAM SO BADASS? Do we know what he did before he went to Emond's Field?

In general I'm satisfied with the story, but also feel empty that it's gone. I have been reading this since I was 11 years old. I started off reading the children's version because my mom picked it out for me and said this looks like an interesting book. Haha, I actually started out reading The Great Hunt Part 1. Had no idea what the hell I had read because I was still learning English (had been just 2 years in the US and reading a book in English that size was a challenge for me.. especially being so young). It's funny because I went back and read Eye of the World and then back to the The Great Hunt and ONLY THEN did the whole channeling thing even start making sense. Haha yet the writing was so good that even though I had no idea what I was reading or understood the story, I kept reading. Eventually I understood it and liked it even more though. :P man.. I was 11.. finished the series 11 years later.. 22 now.. half my life. Damn.

Anyway, yeah I didn't want to get in-depth because most of the notable scenes for good or bad have already been talked about, analyzed, I just wanted to say hello to ya'll, many of whom I haven't talked to in forever, some I haven't met yet, and some who I've kept in touch with outside of TL, and of course to vent out my thoughts.

1. Hello.
2. I had problems with book.
3. I enjoyed book regardless.
4. Feel empty.
5. Yet satisfied.

Toss the dice
01-16-2013, 05:34 PM
My opinions pretty much mirror your own exactly.

When Tam was a young man he left the Two Rivers, ultimately becoming the Second Captain of the Illianer Companions. (Illian's elite fighting force that gets a nod in AMoL)

Tam also became a blademaster when he defeated another blademaster and took his sword. He fought in at least a few battles/wars, including the Blood Snow where he found Rand on the slopes of Dragonmount. Later on he returned to the Two Rivers with a wife (Kari) and a baby (Rand) in tow.