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09-11-2008, 08:50 PM

Critic goes Post-al on ill Roger Ebert

The audience at the Toronto Film Festival press screening of "Slumdog Millionaire" didn't know they were also going to get live entertainment Saturday.

There'd been lots of Oscar buzz about Danny ("Trainspotting") Boyle's flick, about a poor Mumbai guy who wins a girl and becomes a national hero by going on a game show. So the screening room was packed.

Soon after the lights went down, a source tells us, "a man in the audience started yelling, 'Don't touch me!' People looked around and shrugged. Ten minutes later, the voice yells again, 'I said don't touch me!'"

Again, people shrugged off the disturbance. But a few minutes later, says our source, "the guy stands up in the darkness and thwacks the guy behind him with a big festival binder. He hit him so hard everybody could hear it. Everyone freaked out and turned around."

The thwacker? New York Post film critic Lou Lumenick.

The thwackee? Esteemed Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert.

After battling thyroid and salivary gland cancer for years, Ebert, 66, can no longer speak.

"Apparently, Roger was just trying to tap Lumenick on the shoulder to signal him that he couldn't see the movie," surmises our source. "He was trying to ask him to move over a bit."

Though Lumenick seemed surprised to see whom he had struck, he offered no apology, according to another source.

Lumenick didn't return a call and e-mail by deadline. Ebert's agent declined to comment.

Lumenick's lashing didn't prevent Ebert from enjoying the film. The critic walked out of the screening with two thumbs up — and handed Boyle a note saying he's bound to get an Oscar nod.

Roger Ebert is a nice guy, and wow is that other guy a jerk. I did laugh though. :D

09-11-2008, 09:50 PM
o.O Jesus. How classy...

It's really depressing to read the comments. I can't believe how many really spiteful people seem to see the internet as "open season" on making vicious remarks.

I can vaguely understand the guy finding a "tap, tap" on the shoulder to be bothersome -- but it's unlikely to be some kind of pervert under the circumstances. It's evident that he didn't look around until he smashed Ebert with the binder.

Or does he have mental problems?

09-11-2008, 10:38 PM
I don't know anything about Roger Ebert, but I really think that Lou Lumenick should at least have tried to figure out what he wanted. Honestly, he's tapping you on the shoulder, dude. That's a pretty much universal sign for wanting to communicate something. It's generally harmless (except in action movies, where it occurs before punching the guy in the face when he turns around) and inoffensive.

And some of those comments were actually interesting. Like this one:
auramac Sep 11, 2008 2:48:24 PM Report Offensive Post
There are some truly despicable people blogging here, and alas, everywhere else about anything and everything. It makes you wonder, like so many other things- has it always been like this, but simply under the radar? Or is our society deteriorating into a self-indulgent, intolerant, ignorant, angry, hateful, shallow, politically racist bunch of people? There is no one America. There may be several- at least tow- the decent, and the angry, stupid, mean-spirited nutcases.

And I have to say, I pretty much agree whole-heartedly with this one:

Those of you who feel that a 66-year-old man battling cancer deserved a 'punch in the mouth' or that he's an '***' and therefore fair game... please, tell me you've been sterilized so that such heartlessness and stupidity doesn't get passed on to another generation....

09-12-2008, 06:37 AM
I hadn't even read the comments... wow... what does that do for you faith in humanity... :eek:

Cary Sedai
09-12-2008, 11:51 AM
I hadn't even read the comments... wow... what does that do for you faith in humanity... :eek:

Nothing really. I mean, it's the same as it's always been, except there is now an anonymous place to post your hatred. The same people who post hatred, probably wouldn't have the balls to say it in public. I'm sure that at least a percentage of those people, are posting what they think will make them seem cool.

I still have faith in humanity, to be human. I also love the second comment B posted, very good. :D