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04-14-2013, 08:11 AM
Sanderson will be doing his last "tour stop" digitally on reddit.com/r/fantasy. As it is an internet QA he timed it to give those who were holding out for the digital copy to get and read the book.

Anyway, his AMA's in the past have always been very good, and he is an active redditor, popping up all over the place, so it should be a good one. Also, it's probably that last time we will be able to get any questions answered for a while.

I looked for a start time but didn't see it...

04-17-2013, 10:44 AM
Still wading through this, but I found one interesting tidbit. Apparently, Brandon cut a scene from AMOL that featured Perrin traveling the Ways. I wonder what this could have been about!

Brendan Moody
04-17-2013, 07:30 PM
Sanderson gave more detail on that at a signing in Seattle. Someone transcribed (http://www.tor.com/blogs/2013/02/a-memory-of-light-tour-report-open-thread#324453) the relevant material:

BWS: One thing that did get cut that you may find interesting is that we had about 20,000 words of Perrin going into the Ways, to close the Waygate from behind that’s in Caemlyn. He goes in there with a whole force, and the Black Wind arrives - and the Ogier arrive singing and drive it off.
MKs: (chorus of oohs and aahs.)
BWS: And it was way cool, but it didn’t fit.
MK: Is it going to make it somewhere?
BWS: Probably not.
MKs: (sighs of disappointment) It’s nice to know about, though.
BWS: There were a couple issues with it. One, we had a major issue that I was just doing too much Perrin stuff, because I’d just come off a Perrin book and I love Perrin, and Harriet’s like, “We’re just doing too much Perrin. Let’s scale back the Perrin.” And then the other thing was, she’s like, “You don’t quite have the Ways right, so they don’t have the feel Robert Jordan had.” Rather than spend the time getting it right, she just felt the whole section needed to go anyway, for pacing reasons. Too much Perrin, too much distraction, and Maria made the argument that closing the Waygate wasn’t necessary, because we already had in the plot to have the Trollocs being destroyed another way, so she was like “Why are we closing this Waygate, and spending 20,000 words doing it?” The only reason to keep it was the Ogier arrival, which was awesome, and driving off Mashadar. {He meant Machin Shin, and corrected it later.} The Ogier arrival now is much weaker; they show up at the Field of Merrilor, and that was kind of packed into place after we cut out this whole section.
MK: So what happened in the Ways?
BWS: They drove off the Black Wind with Song.
MK: Drove off, like, permanently?
BWS: No, no, no, they drove it away. And so it leaves you to believe they could perhaps do something about it. And they can.
MK: And that eventually, they will?
BWS: They have that power.
MK: So they could clean up the Ways?
BWS: They could. But it did not happen.
MK: Could they maybe do something like what happened with cleansing the Source, something like that, where they basically use…?
BWS: Yeah, something like that is possible; the Ogier would have to do it.