View Full Version : Asha'man in Illian

06-12-2013, 07:19 PM
I've been doing a re-read of the last few books and I've gotten a bit confused. What became of the Asha'man who were stationed in Illian following KOD?

As I recall, Logain takes nearly half the BT (numbers including the 51 bonded Aes Sedai) with him, spread out between Illian and Arad Doman following Rand's orders.

The Ashaman (like Naeff et al) posted to Arad Doman are featured briefly as Rand enjoys his merry adventures in Bander Eban.

On the otherhand, except for a brief visit by Logain to the Sea Folk stationed in Illian (after which he himself leaves to rejoin Rand in the disastrous Semirhage-as-Tuon meeting), I can't recall anything of the Illian-based Asha'man.

Were they ultimately considered a part of Team Logain? They never really detail how Logain got captured, but I'd find it pretty unlikely he would've gotten captured if he returned to Illian where he was surrounded by a considerably large number of other Asha'man loyal to him.

Unless they got decimated/ambushed (something I think the Illianers would probably mention to Rand in AMoL, I mean it's not like you can miss a huge group of channelers gone missing), I feel like we actually had a much larger number of male channelers still at hand during Tarmon Gaidon.

ETA: For that matter, what ever happened to Naeff? How did he get out of scouting the BT alive (and not 13x13'd?)