View Full Version : Still my favorite part of the series!

Rand al'Fain
01-26-2014, 04:12 AM
The part where Rand, shortly after his epiphany, out "Aes Sedais" Egwene at the White Tower's own game of manipulation. The best part? Was that it wasn't complex or malicious, but it worked far better than most Aes Sedai plots had up to that point.

Now, this isn't really a jab at Egwene herself (despite personal feelings on the character), but more of a jab at the manipulative nature of Aes Sedai, especially by the last male Aes Sedai, who also happened to be the Aes Sedai leader during the AOL (also, with his memories as LTT, older than any living Aes Sedai as well).

A close second would easily be Tam staring down Cadsuane, despite being held upside down by her and telling her straight up he won't be bullied or cowed like any others.