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03-20-2014, 03:13 PM

Looks like in April we're getting a large change to the trait system. No longer do you need to visit a vendor to refund your trait point, you'll now be able to change them when you're not in combat, just like skills and weapons.

Additionally, and Seal will really like this one, you no longer will need to buy Trait Books. They're also being condensed, so that one new trait point will be the equivalent of 5 old ones. That said, you'll start to get them at level 30 (vs level 20). Master tier will be unlocked at level 60 (vs 40) and Grandmaster at 80. You'll also get them more slowly. Something like 1 every 6 levels up to level 66 and then 2 every 6 levels afterwards.*

Actually, Seal might not like this all that much.

All major traits will be locked on characters created after the feature pack. All existing characters created before this feature pack will be have all previously existing major traits unlocked.
“We want it to be much easier to experiment with and learn new builds as you explore the world of Tyria.”
Major traits will now be unlocked via traits guides, a new in-game item. Double-clicking on a trait guide will unlock its associated trait. You can find trait guides by completing specific content in the world, like story dungeons, minidungeons, WvW, personal story, specific bosses, and discovering certain areas on the world map. As excited as we are to let players earn traits with feats of bravery and cunning, we know not everyone is the exploring or adventure type—which is why we’ve included the option for you to buy trait guides from profession trainers! The cost of current traits varies based on the tier of that trait. Newly added traits to the game will be set at a higher price point.

IIRC they originally wanted to do a system like this way back when, at least I seem to recall something like it being mentioned back 2-3 years ago when they were first talking about the game. Still, I guess it's better than having to drop 1 or 2 gold for a book. That said, if some of the traits are "kill 50 people in WvW" that's gonna be annoying as well.

They're also adding 40 new traits, ie 1 grandmaster trait per trait line (so 5 new grandmaster traits per class). They've got a preview of 1 per class up on the link.

*Is it just me or is this a possibility of extending the level cap to 90.