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Great Lord of the Dark
04-02-2014, 12:08 AM
Great Lord of the Dark is finished his Wheel of Time blog!

After over 200 blog posts analyzing writing techniques in The Wheel of Time, I can best summarize both my collection of essays and the series quite simply:

I donít want it to be over.

I dragged my heels quite a bit in allowing myself a full year to write up my analysis of A Memory of Light, in part because I was delaying the inevitable. With my conclusive review of the entire series, my Wheel of Time blogging project will end, more or less, except for some retrospective posts on what Iíve learned.

Studying the books in this level of detail, looking at aspects that no one else has ever done before, was pure joy. I look forward to the day I can meet some of team Jordan and discuss the crafting of my favourite story.

If youíre interested in scholarly study of Robert Jordanís and Brandon Sandersonís writing techniques, please visit my blog at http://greatlordofthedark.blogspot.ca/ and browse the sections about your favourite and least favourite parts of the books to find out why they were written that way. Send your writer friends over to browse as well! Thanks to Ishara for promoting the blog here and there, and Tam for using his platform to raise its profile early on. I know only a fraction of the 26000 visitors to date were Russian spambots, but even spambot visits made me happy.

For further reading on different aspects, you can find discussion of the mythological roots and symbolism at the 13th Depository at http://13depository.blogspot.ca/ with a wealth of essays on our favourite characters. And for a more fun, superficial analysis, Tor hosts the Wheel of Time reread at http://www.tor.com/features/series/wot-reread. And of course Theoryland.com forums is home to the best theorizing and research tools: http://www.theoryland.com/vbulletin/

I apologize for absenteeism at Theoryland, but I felt it was essential to let my own perceptions shape my analysis of A Memory of Light. Now, I can finally read everyone elseís reviews, and see what conjecture has been put forth. And happily, I can now also give you my own ideas on what happened and what it all means.

Please do not hesitate to contact me here or via the blog with questions, comments or criticisms. Most of all, enjoy the new perspective on The Wheel of Time and maybe learn a few writerís tricks along the way.

Great Lord of the Dark

04-02-2014, 01:04 PM
It's a tragedy that your review of aMoL coincided with my maternity leave - that's where I've fallen down in keeping up to date. But I will happily say that for all the other books, I was right there with you, and so very impressed with your thoughtful analysis. It made for some very interesting changes in perspective for me, and of course, sparkling conversation. :)