View Full Version : Well, this (possible) adaptation surprised me.

Rand al'Fain
09-22-2015, 11:59 PM
Animorphs, the popular 1990s book series (and less than average TV series, to put it kindly) is now getting a movie adaptation.

For me, this is rather significant as prior to reading this series, I had zero interest in reading as the material that was otherwise accessible to me at the time was for teaching young kids how to read. But when you see a book cover with a kid turning into a fly on it, that gets your attention. Started looking, found the first book at the bookstore, and never looked back from reading. Didn't find out until later it was geared more towards junior high aged kids, and I was in the 3rd grade. Still though, I enjoyed them. And if they can make a good adaptation, I won't complain.