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11-02-2015, 05:51 PM
The entire entry on flows is now readable on Google Books (for me at least). Some interesting snippets, there:

1) It says that early on, Egwene channeled two flows for the first time, but this was not something most Aes Sedai could do to any large degree.

2) It had nothing to do with strength or knowledge, but was rather a type of dexterity developed by learning-by-doing.

3) It became more difficult to learn the longer one waited to learn. So Egwene and Rand splitting their flows so many ways was a matter of them not knowing they shouldn't be able to.

4) Working two flows was harder than twice as one flow, three was much more hard than twice again working two.

5) Rand could work a "huge number" of flows. How much? No idea.

6) Aviendha's entry says: she could divide her flows more than Elayne, perhaps as much as Nynaeve.