View Full Version : Pavel Chekov Dead

06-19-2016, 03:05 PM
No, not the old one...Anton Yelchin just died in a traffic accident.

Crushed to death by his own car...shitty way to go.


06-19-2016, 07:12 PM
I haven't seen any of the Trek reboot movies. But the implications are very sad indeed. You don't expect a young cast ensemble to lose people, when the old cast only started losing people a few years back.

06-19-2016, 08:24 PM
This isn't the start of what will be known as the Star Trek curse in a decade or so, is it? Every few months a member of one Trek cast will die until no one dares to even audition and so there will be no more Star Trek. Ever.

06-19-2016, 08:43 PM
I hope not...despite the previews of the upcoming film looking terrible and the new tv show looking pretty rough too, I'm still a pathetic ST fanfreak...and I likely always will be.