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Tamyrlin 10-28-2008 01:25 PM

Convention Details and Links
Okay here is what I have gathered (more complete details):

JordanCon is the first convention dedicated to exploring Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series and his rich, literary legacy.

When: April 17th- 19th, 2009

Where: The Embassy Suites in Alpharetta, Georgia.


Harriet McDougal is the wife of the late Jim Rigney, best known as “Robert Jordan” and the editor of her husband’s works.

Wilson Grooms. Wilson is a cousin of the late Jim Rigney. He typically describes himself as the “fourth of three” Rigney brothers. Wilson is known to fans of the The Wheel of Time as “that guy that updated RJ’s blog when he couldn’t”.

Brandon Sanderson - dude writing the last book.

Potentially the Dabel Brothers.

JordanCon membership covers all three days, all panels, events, demonstrations, concerts, performances, contests and a host of other activities. Workshops requiring a materials fee will be noted in the program.

Pricing for JordanCon 2009 is as follows:
$50 until 08/18/08
$55 until 12/31/08
$60 until 03/15/09 and at the door
After March 15th pre-registration is closed. All registration after that will be done “at the door”.
Pre-registering for JordanCon is easy.

So - Go Register

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