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Weird Harold 01-13-2006 10:36 PM

Private Message Notifications
vBulletin has a very useful private messaging function with two different ways of letting peple know they have a Private Message waiting and a summary of private message status at thetp right corner of every page of the forums.

Unfortunately both notification modes default to NO when you first register, and the PM summary is normally out of view when you've scrolled down to read a thread or forum index.

The end result of those defaults is that we're going to get a lot of "garbage threads" telling people they have a PM -- BTW, SDog, you have a PM which prompted this thread.

Another set of "garbage threads" we're inevitably going to get once people start using the PM system is "XXX You're box is full!".

Tamyrlin has set a generous 250 PM limit for the PM boxes here, but the default setting of "save a copy of this post in your sent folder" is going to hit that limit fairly quickly if people don't pay attention to the handy bar graph inthe PM manager and keep old PMs pruned down to leave room.

Please, everyone go to Quick links -> Edit Options and turn on one of the PM notification options and make it a point to check your PM summary every so often for PMs that slipped past the notifications.

Also delete PMs when you've replied to them and sent PMs that are no longer relevant -- if you don't delete them, they'll stay forever and just waste Ta'm server space.

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