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Terez 09-26-2010 05:45 AM

Where is Jezrien? (possibly major spoilers)
When I saw Brandon at the Eagle Eye signing in Atlanta, I asked him for one of three things to use as a personalization for my copy of TWOK. Two were WoT-related, one was TWOK-related (he did all three): I asked for a plot teaser. The title of this thread was what he gave me.

So, I gather that Brandon has said elsewhere in interviews that the Heralds are immortal and that at least a few of them are kicking around, which is what I had assumed, but Jezrien might be particularly important.

I have a few ideas on this, but nothing really definite, and I read the book just to read it, so I feel like I'd need to re-read to make a really intelligent guess as to where Jezrien is hiding or who he is posing as (I figure there are hints of one of the two in the book or Brandon wouldn't have chosen that as a plot teaser). I did get a feeling from the Prelude that there was a possibility that Jezrien was not being entirely straightforward with Kalak, a sense that Jezrien was not all that noble a character. But I could be wrong.

Also, if there is a Wiki on the book (series), I'd appreciate someone pointing me in that direction.

Marie Curie 7 09-26-2010 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by Terez (Post 112083)
Also, if there is a Wiki on the book (series), I'd appreciate someone pointing me in that direction.

I haven't even read the book yet (waiting until after ToM), but I know that the Wiki is here. Also, there's a discussion/information site here. :)

FollowYourMuse 09-26-2010 02:01 PM

Jezrein and the Heralds (possibly major spoilers)
I am partly through my re-read and I Have been thinking about this as I re-read, There are a few ideas on Jezrin, in relation to the Father of Storms, or the fact that he is the Only God of the Emul.
But nothing yet I have picked up that would show who/where he is.

Heralds: 5 male and 5 female The names of the Heralds changed or were remembered differently over time.
Kalak, Jezirien and Talenel become Kelek, Jezerezeh and Talenelat

Jezrein, Jezerezeh'Elin, Stormfather
Considered The One God in Emul

Kalak, Kelek?

Talenel'Elin, Taln, Talenelat, The Lost one

From Epigraphs:
"The burdens of nine become mine. Why must I carry the madness of them all? Oh, Almighty, release me.” –Dated Palaheses, 1173" Chapter Fifty-four: Gibletish

Ishar, Ishi - Herald of Luck
Name Similarity?.... Ishikk the Purelaker.

Nalan’Elin, Nalan

Shalash'Elin, Shalash

"Jezerezeh, Ishi, Kelek, Talenelat. He counted off each one, and realized there were only nine here. One was conspicuously missing. Why had Shalash’s statue been removed? " Szeth

One Wiki found:

Tamyrlin 09-30-2010 10:46 AM

Yeah - I asked Brandon
What would he be curious about as a reader, if he wasn't the author and he didn't know all of the answers.

He wrote the following at the end of my book.

For the book:
Where has Taln been?

For the series:
Where has Jezrien been?

We see Taln at the end of the book - where has he been and why is that important. And why does Hoid/FakeHoid/Odium/Wit/Other say, "Welcome Lost One" and "I fear you may be too late my confused, unfortunate friend"?

We learn at the beginning that Taln is the only Herald to die during the last Desolation and it is likely he returned to wherever...Damnation?...where he was tortured. But when we see him he says the Desolation has come and he has failed. How would his torture be keeping the Desolation back and why has he failed, and now why has he come back?

If one of the Heralds dies...does that individual go back too? How does walking away from the Oathpact get them out of going back? Does it have to do with how they are killed? Connected to their swords that they left?

Yellowbeard 12-10-2010 12:11 AM

sorry for being late to this thread.

JMHO - but:

Where has Taln been?

He's been trapped in damnation being tortured since he died in battle during the last Desolation.

What has Jez been?

Dunno. Perhaps he is Szeth's master?

Re: Oathpact

Suspect it was some sort of deal the Heralds made w/ the Almighty that holds back Odium from wiping humanity out.

Part of the deal is apparently the Heralds spend their time between Desolations (until the walked away at the start of the book) in Damnation. Maybe some sort of deal that as long as Odium can torture the Heralds, he can't wipe out humanity.

Then, the Heralds are released from Damnation somehow to fight each Desolation.

Re: Taln's release

It seems the Heralds stopped the desolations by not returning to Damnation at the start of the book, unfortunately leaving Taln trapped there.

Odium, for some reason, couldn't release another desolation. It is apparently some kind of cycle that was interrupted.

Taln's release has apparently restarted the cycle. And I got the impression Odium had not come w/ prior desolations, but he plans to this time.

Taln's comment that he had failed, I theorize, had to do with Taln being a Herald and his mission to keep Odium from coming via his participation in the Oathpact. With the Oathpact now destroyed...Odium comes. So Taln was trying to keep Odium from coming, and has now failed in that task.

Nafro 12-13-2010 12:49 PM

My though is that Taln's failure is somehow related to the almighty being killled per Dalinar's vision.

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