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Xarra 11-09-2010 06:06 AM

One thing I could see - fitting in with the whole wheel thing, is Lanfear helped drill the bore, so she has to help close it again. Either as a redemption or a 'OK, this is how I made it, you need to ensure you do X, Y and Z...'

1Powerslave 11-09-2010 06:13 AM

Very well written, Terez. You at least got me from believing Rand should break the seals to the fence on this.

My initial thought that Rand should break the seals stemmed a lot from Fel being a Moridin plot would be too complicated and unbelivable. But you removed that sentiment from me. I now think that it could have been pulled of like that and be believable. Sort of at least. Fel's behavior (aloof and seemingly straying thoughts and hard to concentrate) strikes me as similar to Dashiva's, and Rand never suspected Dashiva. Also you showed that Fel's timings are so suspect. Suspect that he strays in thoughts just as Rand has him on something interesting. Suspect that he is killed right before he has the chance to explain the note.

The note, btw. is perfectly disguised in its content. For giving truth in the first part. Belief and order gives strength, it is clearly shown by now that this is true, it holds the Pattern together.

I also thought that breaking the seals would not set the Dark One free, but take his influence to what it were at the time LTT sealed the bore. Presumably not much different from how it is now. I thought...

Egwene's dream about Rand's every step crushes a seals I believe has to do with the seals being tied to the land and Rand's actions brings strain to them, since he brings such forceful changes to the Pattern. I do not think this dream is about Rand breaking seals directly, like with his hands.

I am bothered by the fact that there seems to be no plan how to actually seal the bore, not from anyone. There should be plenty of people besides Rand who should give this some thought.
There are thoughts thrown out by Rand though.
1. Both men and women need to be involved.
2. Must not touch the Dark One with the Power.
3. Callandor has a role to play, presumably not the role as a sa'angreal.
4. Huge amounts of the One Power will not be required.

Wild idea: Perhaps that is what the seals are for. Touching the seals is not touching the Dark One. Though this shouts too much of patching a patch.

Going with the idea that Rand is wrong to break the seals now. I can picture the scene at Merrilor as Egwene actually manages to persuade Rand, but Moridin jumps for control the moment he see his plan failing, Rand then screams for Egwene to kill him. :)

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