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Elmindreada 05-25-2011 12:19 AM

Are the Theory Gods trying to tell me something?
For the record, I doubt this is a bug. More likely it's just me being technologically inept...

Anyway, after joining TL I realized we need 2 accounts to be able to access everything, and so I signed up both times. I'm 100% sure this worked because I became a part of factions, which falls under the jurisdiction of the second account.

Another thing that falls under that category is submitting theories, which I was attempting to do and apparently can't. I also can't login to the faction area anymore. So somehow I lost one of the two necessary accounts here and have no idea how.:confused:

I did the only thing I could think of and tried to sign up a second (third) time. Unfortunately, the interface was too smart for that and remembered I'd already made the second half of my account. Is there any way to fix this? Should I just get a new name? Should I crawl under a rock, forget my theory and live with half of an account?

Any help will be much appreciated...

Tamyrlin 05-25-2011 11:16 AM

Let's see if we can't figure this out
For the purposes of distinction, I'll use Main Site (theories/factions,etc) and Forums, to differ the usernames. If your username on the Main Site the same as your username on the Forums? Also, so I can look up your account, do you remember what email address you used to sign up on the Main Site?

Once I know this information and I find your Main Site account, I should be able to send you login information.

Elmindreada 05-25-2011 01:04 PM

Thanks, Tam :)

My usernames are both the same, and my e-mail is

Also, when I last tried to log into my Main Site account, I had the website e-mail me my information, but it was the information I already knew and had been using to try to log on. I don't know if that detail is pertinent, but I figured I'd include it just in case.

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