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Tamyrlin 05-25-2012 12:42 AM

TGH: Ch. 33 - How many did Verin compel?

TITLE: Great Hunt
CHAPTER: 33 - A Message From the Dark
Verin and Ingtar were standing together, and thus also alone. Ingtar looked a little dazed. Verin gave Rand and the other three a brief glance, frowned at their expressions, then resettled her shawl and started for the entry hall.
This could be irrelevant, but considering Ingtar's change of heart, I wonder if Ingtar's dazed appearance is indicative of Verin's weaving a bit of her compulsion magic on Ingtar.

And I wonder if we'll have a ballpark number on the quantity of individuals Verin compelled in the previous 70 years.

Ishara 05-25-2012 09:29 AM

I guess maybe...

But we know that Verin's version of Compulsion is super labour intensive and time-consuming and requires her total concentration - could she do it in the hallway?

GonzoTheGreat 05-25-2012 09:43 AM

There is some reason to doubt that Verin did this to Ingtar:

Originally Posted by PoD, Prologue, Deceptive Appareances
Of course the thing was not truly Compulsion as ancient texts described it. The weaving went with painful slowness, cobbled together as it was, and there was that need for a reason. It helped a great deal if the object of the weave was emotionally vulnerable, but trust was absolutely essential. Even catching someone by surprise did no good if they were suspicious. That fact cut down its usefulness with men considerably; very few men lacked suspicion around Aes Sedai.
Distrust aside, men were very bad subjects, unfortunately. She could not understand why. Most of those girls’ weaves had been intended for their fathers or other men. Any strong personality might begin to question his own actions – or even forget doing them, which led to another set of problems – but all things being equal, men were much more likely to. Much more likely. Perhaps it was the suspicion again. Why, once a man had even remembered the weaves being woven on him, if not the instructions she had given him. Such a lot of bother that caused! Not something she would risk again.

All in all, I don't think that a ballpark would be needed to store all the people Compelled by Verin. Then again, Asmodean's Pantry would probably be too small. A medium size ballroom would probably be just right.

Terez 05-29-2012 04:09 AM

I don't think Verin Compelled Alanna. Just reached this bit in my reread:


Originally Posted by Verin
"What were you at, bonding him like that?"

The question should not have caught Alanna by surprise, yet it did. She hesitated, then drew out a chair and sat, arranging her skirts before she answered. "It was the logical thing to do, with him right there in front of us. It should have been done long ago. You could not – or would not." Like most Greens, she was somewhat amused by other Ajahs’ insistence that each sister have only one Warder. What Greens thought of the Reds having none was better left unsaid. "They all should have been bonded at the first chance. They are too important to run loose, him most of all." Color blossomed suddenly in her cheeks; it would be a good while yet before she had full control of her emotions again.

Verin knew what caused the blushes; Alanna had let her tongue run away with her. They had had Perrin under their eyes for long weeks while testing young women in the Two Rivers, but Alanna had quickly gone silent on the subject of bonding him. The reason was as simple as a heated promise from Faile – delivered well out of Perrin’s hearing – that if Alanna did any such thing, she would not leave the Two Rivers alive. Had Faile known more of the bond between Aes Sedai and Gaidin, that threat would not have worked, yet her ignorance if nothing else had stayed Alanna’s hand. Very likely it had been frustration over that, plus the frayed state of her nerves, that had led to what she did with Rand. Not only bonding him, but doing so without his permission. That had not been done in hundreds of years.

Well, Verin thought dryly, I have broken a few customs in my time.

It's the last bit that makes me sure. If she'd said it aloud, it wouldn't mean anything, but it was in her thoughts. She was making excuses for Alanna to herself.

Weiramon 05-29-2012 05:00 PM

Burn my soul, there are rumours that this Verin Mathwin was alone with Allana Sedai shortly afterwards, her nerves frayed, with a great many questions to be answered to this Mathwin woman's liking.

Terez 05-29-2012 11:57 PM

Sure, but not before. I should probably have said she didn't compel her to bond Rand.

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