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Oden 06-29-2012 03:57 PM

Best of LoC
I started a re-read of LoC and now I'm at my favorite part. It's when Egwene tells us how Leanne is "increasing the awe and legend of the mysterious Aes Sedai". She saw a "coppery-skinned woman", "she appeared Nynaeve's age, not ageless" and "she appeared made of mist. Using a ter'angreal, obviously". Leanne had been satisfied about a stable freshly painted blue. Ordering someone to paint a stable in a specific colour to show a message is certainly mysterious :cool: getting a response because of it is awesome :D

Great Lord of the Dark 06-30-2012 10:29 PM

Fun scene
It is cool that Leane quickly develops a way to receive messages reliably and much faster than traditional means allow. Her agents could carve a coded message in a stone that is never moved or in wood in order to leave a more detailed message, but that would be open to being found by others. Painting teh stable blue revelas nothing of teh message, but it may only indicate a yes/no response such as "when the rebels in your care leave for Salidar, paint the stable blue."

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