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ThewsLerin 05-01-2014 11:04 AM

Yet another new member
Hello the Forum! I am obviously a new member and I wish to express my thrill at finding a site such as this….filled with so many Wheel of Time Fans.

I first picked up The Eye of the World well over 20 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. As a kid I read The Hardy Boys Mysteries but Terry Goodkind pulled me into the fantasy genre which obviously led me to The Wheel of Time. I have lost track how many times I've read and reread different volumes, especially because I’d often go back a book or two when a new volume was released.

Lately, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying listening to the WOT audiobooks. The narrators, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, are phenomenal. Their narration is perfectly matched to the series. The characters really come alive with their wonderful narration.

Ok, I’ll stop here before I start to really ramble. I am happy to meet you all and I look forward to talking with you in the future.


Terez 05-01-2014 01:18 PM

Welcome to Theoryland! We haven't gotten too many new members since AMOL came out

GonzoTheGreat 05-02-2014 04:33 AM

Welcome. I'll ask you the traditional question for newbies: who do you think killed Asmodean?

Zaela Sedai 05-02-2014 10:08 AM

Consider yourself officially welcomed to Theoryland Thews!!! (~dusts self off~ Man, it's been a while since I've had to greet someone. Welcome Welcome! Used to be a lot busier around here, but we still have some life left! Too bad our lives outside of TL take up so much of it! )As I'm sure you've noticed, we have a pretty decent community of WoT fanatics over here. One of the ways that we keep it all friendly is a short list of courtesies we ask people to follow and, once in a while, actually do get followed. Imagine that! Insane people following some sort of order!

1) Don't flood the board with multiple THREADS all at once.
Allow us the time to absorb, evaluate, and discuss, OR LAUGH at one or two ideas, OR JOKES at a time. Some of us like to do a little research before responding and that can take a little time. Of course, we also have those others who are just a bit slow. Read that as "just can't handle more than one thought in their heads at once" or "dial-up modem". Your choice. I'd suggest "have a real life", but not likely. Does anyone still have dial up?'s getting hard to give the slow people an excuse

Addendum to 1) Try to stay on topic.
Going off on tangents can be super fun and is something we are all guilty of your's truly included but try and keep threads on topic unless, 1) the thread is dead or 2) the thread naturally moves over to another topic. This rule is much more lax for joke threads, pop culture threads...etc.

2) Try to back up your opinions & theories.
You'll get a lot more respect if you can. Quotes from the books (of which you CANNOT read too much) are your best weapon. Quotes from interviews are semi-acceptable. Gut feelings are pseudo-acceptable. Whitecloak blind-faith is best submitted while wearing asbestos panties.

3) Feel free to get as emotionally involved as you'd like.
Discussions can get very heated. But try not to take things personally. Remember: we only insult the ones we love. Or the ones we eventually hand over to the Trollocs.

4) Be respectful.
A lot of people have been around Theoryland for a long time. Being a Youngling means you're new around here. We do understand that you may have been reading WoT forever, but if you're gonna pick a fight regarding a WoT theory with someone who's an Elder, Ancient or Hero, understand that they've been around for a while now, and probably have posting friends. And Tamyrlin is Lord of the Board for a reason: this whole place is his brainchild. Keep that in mind. They also have posting enemies.... a good little bit of information to tuck away.

Addendum to 4: This is an international community.
In regards to the Non-WoT discussion groups, please respect the opinions of people from nations and cultures other than your own, even if you disagree with them or the policies of their leaders and politicians. Try to remember that not everyone here has the same outlook or life experience that you might. If you want to send a letter or e-mail to anyone in particular to indicate any specific moral, educational, intellectual, or genetic deficiencies they may have, feel free. Just please don't do it here.

Addendum 1 to Addendum 4: Please no angry profanity.
If you really need to tell someone off, be creative. And replacing characters with @$$ does NOT constitute creativity. I like tend to like the Shakespearean approach myself. The smarter and more subtle you are with it, just makes the person look that much more an idiot.

Addendum 2 to Addendum 4: Please be nice to Newbies.
We were all new at one time you are one right now and there is no need to come down on anyone for asking questions that to the elder community may be basic knowledge. This is for you to remember after you've been here awhile.

Addendum 3 to Addendum 4: Please TRY not to feed the Trolls.
Trust me, it ain't easy at times, but ignore the obvious instigators. Just sit yourself down between the Heroes and Ancients sharpening the WTF Couch sticks. There are many on the board who know how to deal with this breed, leave them to it. It can be quite entertaining. If things get too offensive to the population in general, Mods will intervene. We like to try and use enough wit to neutralize the trollies without help...

5) Please don't use the New Users Forum to recruit.
We have plenty of room in the other forums for begging for support for factions, theories, and the TCA. Please let the newbies look around for a while before taking sides in any pseudo-battles. ~do not feel you MUST click on Lordy's sig links and join just cause he's Lordy... it's not mandatory, butt shhhh! I did not tell you that!

6) Most important: Have Fun!
We do this because we love it and like to think that we are, at least, reasonably intelligent. Hell, some of us have deluded ourselves into believing that we've evolved into supremely intelligent beings! Half the posters here believe that divine supremacy has already come to them! My vote is for Frenzy, and myself, of course. You know the Truth when you see it. Don't let T and her massive bag o' quotes fool you there are always ways to fight back! With your on bag o'quotes of course!

We will assume some intelligence on your part. You found us, didn't you? Until you prove otherwise…and there are many who have, you'll be safe. If you get hurt if you do prove otherwise, I will offer my one free Healing…but just that once. After that you get to meet a special pair of chains, Mwahahahaa

Remember, you EARN your respect here, it's not given out freely and some may never know the pleasure.

Welcome to our little rounded corner! It’s a great time!

Zaela Sedai, Official Theoryland Greeter, Mistress of Novices

ThewsLerin 05-04-2014 10:07 AM

Thank you all for the warm welcome.
Thank you everyone. Thanks Terez and Thank you Zaela for your advice. I will do my best to follow the rules. To do otherwise invites madness and chaos. :cool:

I am still in awe over all the information here. I have spent countless hours going back over the books and trying to find this tidbit or that. Theoryland is the Google of the Wheel of Time Universe!

GonzoTheGreat, regarding Asmodean, I'm afraid I don't have a concrete answer. Initially I had thought it was one of the Forsaken with whom Lanfear met with to initially tell them that Asmodean was teaching Rand. I didn't think it was Lanfear though because of his reaction. "You? No!" would not have been his immediate reaction to Lanfear because he had spent so much time with her traveling in that little wagon. IMO the killer would have to be someone he would not expect to be there. I even entertained the thought that it could have been Shaidar Haran himself but that stretches credulity the longer I think on it.

I realize that the consensus points to Graendal being the killer but I don't know....I just don't think so. I think she would have taken him or said something creative....I don't know, something.


Nazbaque 05-04-2014 02:07 PM

Yeah I don't like it being Graendal either, but the Towers of Midnight glossary disagrees. I was in favor of either Lanfear or Moiraine via Eelfinn wishes, but what can you do.

Anyway someone mentioned madness and chaos so here I am and I see chaos got here before me. He goes by Gonzo around here.

Oh but now I am doing things in the wrong order. Silly me!

Welcome ThewsLerin!!

I am madness, but you may call me Naz.

Shortly I'll be set on fire and then there shall be marshmallows.

ThewsLerin 05-05-2014 12:55 PM

Graendal killing Asmodean
Hello Naz,

I guess the main thing that bothers me about Asmodean's death is how he reacted. Blood drained from his face and he said "You? No!". I can see him being surprised that any of the Forsaken could have been there at that point in time but such overpowering fear? His face going pale? Who could scare him that badly?

When I think on that I'm trying to imagine what he saw. He obviously knew death was imminent so let us put Graendal behind that door. Something about her must have told Asmodean that death was imminent. Did she have a knife in her hand? A sword? Would she kill in that manner? No. She would have killed him by channeling a weave of some kind so when he first saw her, would Asmodean have reacted the way he did or would he have tried to talk her out of it? Would he not have at least said something other than the admission of defeat "You? No!" implies? What was there about Graendal that told Asmodean in no uncertain terms his death was at hand?

This makes sense in my head but I don't know if I am explaining it properly. :confused:

Think about it this way....with Graendal being there, would not his first thought be her trying to capture him? She has many pets and Asmodean would know the GO would not allow Graendal to use compulsion on him to a degree that would make him useless as a tool?

I'm drifting now....sorry. I hope that makes at least some sense. :D

--Thews Lerin

GonzoTheGreat 05-06-2014 05:32 AM

Asmodean's "You? No!" when killed by his killer bears a lot of similarity (the whole last sentence) to Be'lal's "No!" when he was killed by Moiraine. Which would be a strong argument if not for the fact that RJ has declared that Asmodean wasn't killed with balefire.

Then again, there's a further clue in yet another Forsaken's last words:

Originally Posted by ToM
"Graendal?" Aran'gar said, voice panicked. "What are you-"

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