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GonzoTheGreat 11-22-2015 10:25 AM

Or, alternatively, as a sneer from someone who spoke the 2nd Age language, and knew that "Aiel" meant "dedicated". By adding "so-called" to it, he could question their dedication to Rand.
In hindsight, it was most likely both, with Taim probably not really understanding what the Aiel had originally been dedicated to, and thus not understanding why the Forsaken considered them degenerate.

Weiramon 11-26-2015 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by Terez (Post 234380)
The so-called Aiel thing has always been one of the biggest Taimandred clues. He speaks as though he were conditioned by 2nd Age culture. This was later explained away as being something he picked up from his Forsaken bosses.

Bah, so many will look for the most innocent words and deeds and paint them a Darkfriend.

No doubt this Taim fellow simply picked up the vernacular while on his . . . travels.

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