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yks 6nnetu hing 10-05-2015 04:38 AM

The Fool's Quest (spoilers)
OMG, what a great book! I know most people found book 1 of the new trilogy slow and lacking, well, the Fool. But this one! oh, this one... Let's just say - and this is a super mild spoiler but just in case, the spoiler tags:
"within a year, a man gets everything he ever wanted and everything he ever feared"

Some of you may have seen my reaction on FB to chapter 8 - this was a chapter like you'd expect towards the end of a massive epic series. A chapter of epic triumph and joy... but, of course, this being a story of Fitz, things quickly take a turn for the worse.

(oh, btw, if in book 1 it really didn't matter if you'd read the Dragon Keepers series, in book 2 it is relevant, though not absolutely necessary for following the story)

Ok, now for the major spoilers:

Fitz's healing skills, particularly with the Fool are very mysterious. I wonder what this means for them, are they so intertwined that if one dies, so does the other? And, at the end, when the Fool reinforced their skill-link? More, what *is* the Skill and how come the Farseer line seems to have more conscious control over its effects than the Dragons do. Fitz does note that one of the new Elderlings seems to have an affinity, does this mean that they can learn to Skill - maybe turn to the Six Dutchies for training?

The way Fitz is spilling is very ominous. goddamnit, I hope he doesn't die at the end of this series.

Ok, so the things that I found super amazing:

the epic awesomeness of Fitz being publicly acknowledged for who he is. The glorious happy return... (that was Ch.8)

The Fool has bonded (?) with a Motley. And, after drinking dragon's blood is becoming an Elderling. And he's gone and dipped his fingers in Skill again.

(oh, and - less amazing, but interesting in a really creepy way - apparently the Fool's fingertips that were sliced off can actually activate a Skill Pillar. shudder.)

Ash/Spark-Perserverance dynamic is funnily similar to the whole Fool/Amber-Fitz thing. And Lant's shocked reaction to how easily Fitz accepts the Fool as Amber was pretty funny. Considering how much trouble Fitz had with that particular guise when he first saw it.

Kettriken finally saying out loud that she's aware that... er, biologically.... Dutiful is Fitz's. though Fitz's response to that was hilarious: "I don't know, I wasn't there"

Things less amazing... I finished the book in 3 days. And now I have to wait for several years for the next one. To be honest, I was much more content to wait after the end of the last book.

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