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WinespringBrother 04-20-2016 12:26 PM

Last choice
"Disappointing. I didn't want to have to choose that one. I find you much more appealing, wolf." AMOL, pg 640 (Kindle)

Presumably Lanfear is referring to choosing between Perrin and Mat, in fulfillment of her last-ditch gambit in the bore to take control of Rand and kill him to save the Dark One, though obviously Mat has a great amount of protection against compulsion (not that the foxhead medallion is not fool-proof). A case could be made for the choice being between Perrin and Slayer, since Slayer seemed to be the victor between the two of them at the time, and Slayer wouldn't need to be compelled to help Lanfear at the end.

This quote sets up the next quote, as it seems that she has been pondering this choice of tools for the next scene for some time.

"If they had given me more time, I would have had you fairly." AMOL, pg 982 (Kindle)

Who (or what) is "they" referring to? Is she talking about using various prophecies as a guidepost for her plans, which led her to be in the right place at the right time (but with the wrong tool unfortunately for her)? Though the wording seems odd for her to seemingly personalise prophecies as if they were basically telling her what to do.

Alternately, is "they" referring to a group that was working with Lanfear? She always seemed to be a lone wolf throughout the series, only working with others reluctantly and discarding them. Would she work with others if she knew that she had to, based on a foretelling or prophecy or other kind of foreknowledge? And if so, who would she trust enough to do so? She trusts neither compulsion nor darkfriends, though maybe her circumstances were dire enough that she had no choice.

Is it possible that she was actually working with the inhabitants of Sindhol? Since Moiraine had at least some requests fulfilled by the Finns, perhaps Lanfear did also, and what else would she be concerned with? She would certainly be resourceful enough to use whatever gift acquired from the Finns to gain better than vague answers about the future. And while she complained that she didn't have enough time to execute her plans as she would have desired, she certainly seemed to show that her plans were fairly precisely well timed in the end, seeing as how she was loitering while apparently waiting for Perrin (or maybe Mat?) to show up there.

Or was she working with some of the surviving Forsaken, who didn't like how Moridin was utilizing them for the Last Battle? Perhaps she was working with Moghedien and Taim, who both were unhappy with their circumstances and relationships with some of the other Forsaken.

GonzoTheGreat 04-21-2016 05:55 AM

Perhaps "they" is Moridin and the DO, who did place some restrictions on her movements now and then.

Then again, it could also be a generic "blame someone else, doesn't matter who" case. Not even Lanfear was entirely flawless, you know.

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