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Oatman 05-21-2017 04:41 AM

Assassin's Fate
The series is now complete.

Overall, I think this is my least favorite of Hobbs series. I enjoyed it, and it kept drawing me back to find out what was happening next, but I don't think it will ever be a series I read again.

Some opinions on the series as a whole:

• Although becoming more interesting by the end, I didn't really enjoy Bee's character.
• I found myself looking forward to Bee's chapters for the chance of Nighteyes. This made me realise how much Fitz's story suffered from lack of Nighteyes.
• It was nice to see characters from Liveship and Dragon Keeper, but some of it felt a bit forced, and the more interesting things brought up weren't explored.
• The series ended in the way I expected it to, more or less. I was surprised when this disappointed me, since it seemed the only logical endpoint.
• My disappointment in the ending, and probably the series as a whole, stems from the fact that the relationship between Fitz and Fool makes no sense to me. I didn’t see the relationship develop my first read through the original trilogy, and even looking for it the second time I didn't see it. But for very brief periods, all Fool does is mock and manipulate Fitz. The ending could not have been different because of the stated love between Fitz and Fool, but was less satisfying because the love made no sense.
• I would have preferred Fitz to share his Wolf-dragon with the Chade, Kettricken, and Thick. People strongly tied to Fitz, all in the later years of their lives. To me, all of those relationships made a lot more sense than Fitz and Fool.

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