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Default Is Demandred In "The Land of the Madmen"?

Okay, I've been wondering who Demandred is for a while now, and I think I've reasoned it out.
Let's start with what Demandred says at the meet with Mesaana, Demandred, Graendal and Moridin in TGS.
He says: "My rule is secure. We are gathering. We shall be ready." (or something along those lines)...
So let's tick off all the possible entities that are secure at that time.
1) Black Tower
2) Seanchan (the Return)
3) Shara?
4) Land of Madmen?
5) Rand's 'Empire'
6) Whitecloaks
7) Murandy
8) Borderlanders
9) Andor

So Sammael says to Graendal that "events to the south have Demandred's mark all over them" and it is clear that since we're in Sam's POV, he genuinely believes this.

IF Sam is correct, this leaves:
1) Black Tower
2) Land of Madmen?
3) Rand's 'Empire (and Andor)
4) Whitecloaks
5) Murandy

Since Mazrim Taim is clearly not Demandred or his minion (as shown in the double orders in WH), and Osan'gar was also sent to the Black Tower to keep an eye on things, I would assume that if anyone was "gathering for war" in the BT, it would be Taim, not Demandred.
1) Land of Madmen?
2) Rand's 'Empire'
3) Whitecloaks
4) Murandy
5) Andor

Because Galad is in charge of the Whitecloaks, and that he's been around since way before Demandred was even released (and grew up with other characters) we can be reasonably sure that Galad is not secretly Demandred in disguise gathering for war. And he's likely not pulling Galad's strings, either, because he comes out of nowhere to challenge Valda, and the only ones who know him are Byar, Dain and Trom; all of which (except for Trom) come from before Demandred was released, and I think there is considerable circumstantial evidence that Trom is not Demandred or one of his proxies.
1) Land of Madmen?
2) Rand's Empire
3) Murandy
4) Andor

Since Elayne's just won a bloody civil war all by herself in Andor, and does not appear to be gathering troops in Andor, and also does not appear to be influenced by anyone questionable, we can mark them off the list.
1) Land of Madmen?
2) Rand's Empire
3) Murandy

Rand's Empire armies (the ones gathering for war) is, as far as I can tell, composed of:
a) Bashere's Saldaeans (north)
b) Aiel (east)
c) Tairens (south)

So Darlin could be Demandred, except that Min's viewing says he will marry Caroline, which means he can't be Demandred unless he is secretly in love with her (Unlikely) and there is no evidence of Demandred using Darlin as a proxy and he seems anything but.
1) Land of Madmen
2) Murandy
as the only possibilities.

I personally think that Demandred's base of operations in the Land of the Madmen, with proxies in the Black Tower and Murandy (and elsewhere) as Murandy does seem a bit unambitious for someone like Demandred, and the fact that he must have recognized the Band of the Red Hand as Mat's army but doesn't do anything about it. But that evidence is purely speculation.