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Default Will Rand use the True Power to rebuild the Dark One's prison?

Here's an idea that I don't have much evidence for, but wanted to throw out there for discussion. I'm wondering if anyone has written up a theory or discussed the idea that Rand will use the True Power to re-imprison the Dark One. I didn't find anything by searching the forums and theories but maybe I missed it.

Basically this idea assumes that Rand's use of the TP in TGS is going to serve some plot purpose beyond simply allowing him to escape the bracelets and kill Semirhage. We already know from BS that Rand's TP use will have consequences, by which he probably means that Rand will struggle with the addictive properties of the TP. It would be pretty cool (and ironic) if Rand were to fight TP addiction over the next 2 books and finally emerge victorious by using the TP to rebuild the DO's prison. I say "rebuild" rather than "reseal" because the Herid Fel note implies that the prison must be broken open and rebuilt rather than the bore re-sealed. It seems that a One Power seal for the prison is insufficient, since Lews Therin and co. already tried this and we all know how that turned out.

I guess the main problem with this idea is that the DO controls who gets to access the TP, so the minute he detects Rand using it against him he could simply cut Rand off. One way to get around this is to assume that Rand can channel the TP w/o the DO's explicit permission through Moridin. Maybe Rand can simply use Moridin's TP permission by proxy using the balefire-crossed-streams-ghostbusters-connection that the two share. This seems to be how he accessed the TP in TGS (although I know there are some who argue that he does indeed have explicit permission). This would imply that the DO cannot cut Rand off w/o also cutting Moridin off. This would certainly create a conundrum for the DO if Moridin and Rand start fighting each other with the TP.

Another problem is that I haven't seen much in terms of direct foreshadowing that supports this theory. Usually RJ drops a lot of hints to foreshadow major events in the series. Can anyone think of anywhere in the series to look for supporting quotes?

There are a number of double-crossing options that could be thrown in here to add extra wrinkles to the story. Rand could turn to the Dark Side to gain the DO's trust and then double-cross him. Or Rand, using information from Herid Fel and Min, could manage to convince Moridin that the DO will always inevitably lose at the end of each Age. I could see Moridin switching sides if the philosophical argument is 100% foolproof, but overall this seems pretty unlikely. Would be an interesting direction to take the story though.

So what do you guys think?

Oh yeah, since I don't post here often I should probably introduce myself briefly. I've been lurking on theoryland for years now (since around the CoT release) but rarely post anything. Hi!