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Tercel will become famous soon enoughTercel will become famous soon enough

Jason gave Crossroads of Twilight an extremely positive prerelease review, and that book is widely regarded as a flop. So to be honest I don't really take his prerelease opinions as trustworthy any more.

For some reason his way of writing about his emotional reactions to scenes doesn't get me excited to read the book. I think that's cos I tend to read the books for the plot and not for emotion (okay I'll be the first to admit that I'd be White Ajah).

I'm pleased to hear that he doesn't feel that the series ending will be predictable, and that he doesn't even feel he can say for sure that the light will win. (I'm also glad that RJ chose the plot of the ending and not BS, cos frankly I loathed the ending to the Mistborn trilogy...)