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Default Nantes, France - Utopiales 2010

This stop is not officially part of the TofM Book tour but its pretty close to it chronologically.

Here are some details: The convention goes from Nov 10th to 14th and is located at:
La Cité Nantes Events Center
5 Rue de Valmy
44041 Nantes, France

Brandon's Event's Page currently says that he will be there on Nov 10th from 10am to 10pm. It also says "more details to follow later" Since the 10th is the first day of the convention, I'm not sure if this means he'll actually be there on that day or is just indicating the first day of the convention.

There's not a detailed program for this year on the site (yet), just some ideas of what sorts of activities will be available. Here's a summary for you:
* 40 000 visitors last year (total over the 5 days of the con)
* Literature: Panels and discussions with French and international authors
* Cinema: A short film competition (European competition and an International competition), A "retrospective" of films, children's films, special events (not specified)
* Comics (=BD): Presence of several comic authors and illustrators, Election of best science-fiction comic
* RPGs (=Jeux de role): Board games, card games, life-size games: Try out role playing and dive into the unvierse of your choice (for amateurs and experts)
* Art Exhibits (=Arts Plastiques): Drawing, Painting, illustrations, watch a robot make art.
* Asian Culture: Cosplay competition on November 14th, other activities to be communicated.
* Theatre: No information yet
* Kids day: November 12th
* Scientific encounters panel: Explore the frontier between science and fiction
* Evening activities, competitions: No info yet
* Tickets, information and contact: 7.5 € / day last year, will probably be similar this year
* Download last year's program (PDF)

Edit: 2010 list of invited authors:

Nantes is about 4 hours away from Paris, where I live. Brandon would need to change flights in Paris in any case as there aren't direct flights from the USA to Nantes that don't go through Paris.

What I am hoping is that he will also stop in Paris to visit the city and do a book signing here. It would be a shame to fly through Paris and not see the city.

I wrote to Brandon to ask about doing a signing here and I have been in touch with an english Bookstore here that has a very good fantasy sci-fi section that is interested in inviting him. I think the turnout could be pretty good since its a very large city with a sizable anglophone community as well.

It would also be much easier for fans from the London area to come to Paris than to Nantes (You can go from Paris-London in about 2H15 mins by high speed train).

If he can't come to Paris itself, I might consider going down to the conference to see him if he will be there during the weekend. I would be happy to meet up with some of you in that case.


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